Monday, December 10, 2007

Is humanity on the verge of extinction?


On history channel I watched recently a program regarding big disasters plaguing our planet Earth.
Human races been wiped out from Earth's face by different cataclysmic scenarios such as asteroids, comets, gamma ray bursts, and also after recalling all those movies portraying Earth on the verge of extinction by deceases, asteroid impacts, atomic disasters, and by the "danger of global warming".
All these terrifying and apocalyptic scenarios, have puzzled me, leaving me with many questions:

All these "Mega Disasters" are, a real scenario on h
umans path evolution?
Meteors, comets, and asteroids can they really destroy human civilizations the same way they wipe out the dinosaurs?
Has humanity a long overdue with fate, for a tota
l cataclysmic disaster?
And in the end, can humanity survive and recover from it?
I'll try to summarize all my answers in one block.

Asteroids, comets, prophets of doom.

Hundreds of thousands of asteroids have been discovered within the solar system every month.
The Earth has gone through periods of abrupt and catastrophic change, some due to the impact of large asteroids and comets on the planet.
Until recently d
inosaurs were considered to have died off gradually.
The recent discovery of the impact from a large asteroid or
comet on the Yucatan peninsula, had scientists think its size and timing make it, the culprit that would explain the demise of the dinosaurs.
Earth been plague
d by such events since is creation, is well known.
So that in the end humanity is indeed, steering on the path of such cataclysmic scenarios in the near future.
Can we avoid it?
That depends on our technology.

Gamma ray bursts.

Gamma ray bursts, something which I learned from the hi
story channel.
From many disasters impelling on us, this one seems that has
came out from a science fiction movie, but the threat is real, even if it has a very low probability to ever happened is another threat to add in the cataclysmic events list.
And if "I hope in t
he most far future possible" this will ever happen, there is any chance of survival?

No, there is none!
Supernova'gamma-ray bursts announce the demise of the most massive stars in the universe, and hypothetically if Earth was on any of these path, for our world would be the end.

Contagious diseases.

Avian Infectious Diseases, is another emerging infec
tious disease, which threats humanity survival.
Many are concerned that the Bird flu virus will mutate and trigger a human
Will this decease spreading world-wide like a fire, cause human populations to decline dramatically, or all together end human civilization as we know?
Contagious diseases like the bubonic plague which spread in Europe in the 1347s, and causi
ng after five years, 25 million of dead people "one-third of Europe's population".
There were three major epidemics - in the 6th, 14th, and 17th centuries.
The total death toll was 137 million victims.
These diseases can take their toll of human lives, but in the end we'll survive them.

Atomic disasters.

Atomic disasters such as nuclear melt-downs, or a nuclear wars.
Right now, looks like the big players on the "nuclear war" contest, have realized the impossibility to win an atomic war, and "wishfully" they are refraining themselves from ever actuate this threat.

Global warming.

Adding one more at the list is global warming.
Global warm
ing is not the least of all threats to be dismissed.
I believe global warming is on
e serious threat to be reckoned with in the near future, and dealing with it in time, may be one solution.

All these disasters or near disasters will in the end have an impact in the human evolution and history for sure.
We can deal with some of them right now, by modifying our own behaviors, others are in God's hands.

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Brian M Bommarito said...

I came across this post via a BlogRush link from my site, and you bring up some very real possibilities for human extinction. I have a list, and time frames so I figure I would post them here:

1.) Nuclear War -- 100 years. If the nuclear winter that follows doesn't kill us, the mutations in future generations will.

2.) Disease -- 200 years. We will so overmedicate ourselves that a very common disease will come back and wipe us out.

3.) Over population -- 300 years. We are growing at a far too fast rate, and the earth cannot sustain us at the rate we are going.

4.) Global Warming -- 500 years or possibly less. I think that the ice caps melting will do us in.

I think that most of the natural causes we could survive, but man made disasters...we are heading right towards.

Brian M Bommarito

Red.eVolution said...

Thanks Brian for the extra infos.
I really appreciate.

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