Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The immobilists and the risk takers.


A couple days ago, after many years I saw an old friend of mine. He was dragging himself in his daily routine, from work to pub and back to home. He didn't look much changed and either his routinely life had changed that much since last time we met. He's part of those people in our society, which in my own words I call "the immobilists".

Who are the immobilists?

The immobilists are not in the same category as the survivalists, they are in a different level all together. The immobilists are those small minority in our society which don't allow risks or, changes to disrupt their monotonous lives. These people, keep their lives in a safe steady rhythmical course of events, rather than take risks. They perform the same rituals day by day and rarely, will deviate from their usual path. Rather than take risks, any risk, these immobilists stay unmovable from their grey, safe, boring life. One thing for sure, they won't risk much in doing so. They live tranquil lives and probably, they are even in better shape and healthier than the rest of society.

As I said about this friend of mine, he's part of this category, he's an immobilist. I never had the courage to ask him, if he ever felt content and satisfied with his kind of attitude towards life. But I guess, somewhat he felt satisfied with the kind of life he has, otherwise he would had already changed it.

From my part, I don't belong into this category, indeed, I'm not an immobilist but at the contrary a risk taker. All my life I have taken risks, as I believe most of us did or, do.

Why individuals take risks and sometime even unnecessary risks?

We put ourselves in risky situations, where we can get some kind of benefits from them. Like: to feel alive, to challenge ourselves, for fun, for annoyance or, for a rush of adrenaline.

But, are they worthy?

Hell yes, at least for me, they were for sure. I had a full and happy life, now I can die in peace (hopefully in a faraway future). Of course, living a life to its fullest comes with a prize. Today I'm paying for all those risks taken for, a careless life. Those risk I took in my young life, left me literally with some scars and pains, in my bones and mind as well but, I would do it all over again. I won't live enveloped in a sort of cocoon, because I'm afraid of changes or pains. Life he's meant to be lived, not to be preserved in naphthalene for the day that, God will decide to summon us.

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1 Comment:

Mike said...

Personally I'm a risk taker too.
I'm not afraid to take some chances in life, I want to enjoy my life to the limits, I don't want any regrets latter in life.
Have fun till u can... it's my motto.

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