Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fortress Europe-The boats of hope.


A new invasion is happening at the footsteps of Europe, and this time aren't hordes of barbaric invaders that, are trying to knock down Europe Fortress' doors but, despairing masses of peoples from many of the poorest countries in the world. This is happening for quite a couple years but, as usual American medias report very little or nothing at all, like they don't care much about it.


From the Mediterranean sea, and throughout the European's boundaries, these masses of hopeless are trying to get in, by any possible means they can find, by worn down boats to cargo-trucks, while risking their lives in the attempt to reach their final destination in the hope, to find a better future in the old continent.

An endless flow of immigrants and refugees every year since, this mass exodus has initiated, and many of them have already died, while trying to reach the European Union. But as I said, to find some related news about it, I have resorted to watch the European news, because the American ones don't report enough like, there was not much interest about it or, as if the world was confined solely inside the States' boundaries or worst, nothing else is happening outside of them.

Anyway, I've seen from the TV European's news, all these people which are trying to reach the European seashores with those barges of hope and, many times unfortunately their Mediterranean sea crossings, ending up at the bottom of the sea. Many of these misfortune people, have already drowned while attempting to cross the Mediterranean sea, making of it one large graveyard for over 10.000 persons. All these shipwrecks and deads, still won't stop or slow down these people attempts, to reach their dreams of a better life, they just keep coming and, when finally they have reached their destinations, their minds and bodies are deteriorated by the inhuman conditions they have endured during the sea crossing on board of those makeshift boats, stuffed to the extremes.

The endless trail of deaths throughout Europe.

The endless massacre at the gates of Europe goes on. At least 296 migrants and refugees have died trying to reach European Union in October 2007. More than 200 people were reported to be missing off Canary Islands, in Spain, 51 migrants died in the Strait of Sicily and Calabria (south of Italy) and 33 others were drowned in the Aegean sea, between Turkey and Greece. At least 1,343 migrants have already died since the beginning of the year.

The European nations from their part, are looking to at least reduce this swarming of new comers, because they can't deal all together with this big masses trying to get in, all at once.

More from the news:

Eritrea: voices of torture.

ROME - Between the September and the October of 2002, Malta orders the repatriation of 223 Eritrean citizens, succored faraway from the island on the routes for Italy. The men, jailed in a field for petitioners asylum, are covered with hoods, beated and deported, in full violation of the Convention of Geneva on the refugees and the bill for the fundamental rights of the European Union. Returned these refugees in Eritrean, are jailed and tortured in the prison of Adi Abeito. This is the treatment that the government of Asmara reserves the deserters of their own the army, in war with Ethiopia. After a first attempt of escape, they are transferred in the jail of maximum emergency of the island of Dahlak Kebir. Many lost their the life. A group succeeds in escaping, but they are again arrested and taken to the prison of Sawa. Until a last attempt of escaping succeeded. Today some of them live in Canada and, North Europe. Today they have told their own odyssey. This documentary last 19 minuteren. Product in 2006da "the Human Rights Concern - Eritrean", written and directed from Elsa Chyrum, with Surafel Yacob and Amanuel Eyasu.

mmigrants dead at the frontiers of Europe.

According to the following press review at least 11,776 people have died since 1988 along the European frontiers. Among them 4,226 were missing in the sea. 8,132 migrants died in the Mediterranean sea, and through the Atlantic Ocean towards Spain, and 1.579 lost their life trying to cross Sahara desert in order to reach Europe.[read more...]

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