Monday, March 3, 2008

What to do when, in a blog writing crisis?


When I started this blog, my intentions weren't that clear yet. Where to go from there I didn't know, then I started to think if I had to blog I should had done it with in mind a goal set, be a useful blog but based only in a specific topic, that's it.

I would have stuffed my blog with useful articles, nothing similar to any other filled up with useless blathering stuff but, something quite the opposite side, by conceptualizing something that, the people could have related to their day to day struggle with life. I wouldn't have talked about how to get rich on some elaborated scheme or, amused with some funny stuffs (there are already plenty of them), neither with political arguments (enough of them already) but, my goal was to have a unique blog filled with a mix of useful informations based on only one topic. Have I succeeded in it? Not really. I know I have a problem, I still keep my mind in too many diversified subjects. In reality, my mind keeps wandering from one topic to a totally different one in the next new article I'm going to write. I kn
ow, for many professional bloggers that's the wrong way to blog. I should have chosen only one subject and stick with it, "not rumbling all over the place" has someone said. Even though, I kept switching subject from a previously post to a totally different subject in my next posting at least, I hoped to give anyway good contents and keep readers coming back.

Like Da Vinci versatility.

I thought erroneously then, by been able to move freely in all directions I could conceive a top notch blog. In a way when I'm blogging, I feel like Leonardo Da Vinci that liked to explore in all different directions with his personal versatility. Big mistake, my assumption together with my inexperience in the blog field, got me where I'm today: in a impasse sprouted in a full writing crisis, which in turn took me to a standstill situation with my postings' blog.

I'm in a writing crisis right now, and all began after I started thinking of new directions in my blogging post. I was in the firm believe that I needed a radical change in the articles I was writing. In fact, I was writing on different subjects and even though some of them were quite good, along the way I realized that, whatever reader I was getting from one article's post, I was losing him in my next post because, I had entirely changed subject. I realized then, that if I wanted to keep him interested and entertained at the same time in what I was writing, I had to keep on the same track with my writing posts, not to divaricate with different subjects. The readers were expecting the same line of topic in my articles. If, I was writing about Muslims world and in the next posting I totally switched to a different topic like global warming, in the end the result was, I couldn't keep my readers because, they were looking from me the same posts' topic line.

How to handle this writing crisis!

The end result has I said, is that right now I'm suffering of writing blockage. I feel like, I have squeezed too much of my brain out and now nothing else can come out from it, whenever I try to write a new article. To come out from this blockage and restart my posting, I will have to resort in writing anything even, the most idiotic article hoping that good ideas for new articles will start flowing again and this time, I won't care about the subject anymore, whatever article's idea will come out from my mind I will write it, not worrying that much about the readers decision if, they want to stick around or, leave for new pastures.

Hopefully with this notion set in mind, I can restart my mental capacity for writing again and, later keep the writing juices going on for a very long time.

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