Friday, March 14, 2008

Blue ghosts of Afghanistan.


Since the fall of Talibans' regime in late 2001, for women in Afghanistan seemed that a light of hope was born for their emancipation. The world could see that, many Afghanistan women were beginning to remove their burgas, a cloth which in reality represented a symbom of oppression for them. Wearing a burqa (better known in Afghanistan as chadiri) was essentially erasing a woman identity. Burgas are indeed, a sign of submission of women in the men's Afghanistan ruled society.

In the Talibans era, women were treated worst than animals like they were only objects to own, they were even forbidden to work, not allowed to seek medical help from a male doctor or, to leave the house without a male escorting them, and forced to cover themselves from head to toe, like they were blue ghosts in the Afghanistan society. Sometime, the Afghanistan women when in need were forced to prostitute or, even reduced to beggary in order to feed their children.

As I said, women after the Talibans rule in Afghanistan was over instead of wearing the blue burgas, they started to shorten their veils and to wear headscarves.

However, in the last two years this tendency has started to reverse it's course. Thanks to the Talibans influence in many Afghanistan's regions which lately has increased and also, from the religious hardening position against women emancipations. In fact, many Afghanistan women today are under the threat of their lives for, daring to have just dreamed of a better position for themselves in the society. Many women till these days are forced to marriage even in very young ages, and some of these women sometime rather than get married to old men prefer to kill themselves. The repression of women, it's still prevailing these days in many rural areas of this country.

In the new Afghanistan, the article 22 of the Constitution states that "women and men are all equal in the eyes of the law", that's already a big improvement for the women's situation of this country.

Nevertheless, for the women of Afghanistan oppression won't be over soon. As a matter of fact, the world will see the blue ghosts populate the Afghanistan's streets for sometime to come.


Submission - Theo Van Gogh

This is the infamous video made by Theo Van Gogh a couple of years ago. The one he was murdered for. Although it would be stupid to attribute this to all of Islam, watching the video helps one wonder about the state of mind and insecurity it provoked in the mind of his killer. Let it be remembered as a black spot on all of European Islamism. Democracy still lives! Of course thanks goes to youtube and Van Gogh (RIP).

Submission - Theo Van Gogh Part 1

Submission - Theo Van Gogh Part 2

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