Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Are Western societies turning a blind eye on the danger of a radicalised Islam?


Lately, I have read on a newspaper about an Arab father (his name is Parviz Khan) who was sentenced to a life in prison in England because, he was giving his 5 years old son, lessons of hate and how to be a kamikaze.

Maybe, a moderate Islam doesn't even exist?

My personal thoughts on the Islamic world is changing by the minute, after reading newspapers and watching videos by those Imams that are preaching hate toward the Western cultures and their religion. I started to question if, Islam is really a religion of peace and tranquility or, else. Fortunately, we all live in free and democratic societies, where allows us to question anything and anyone but, for how long! If Islam is in reality, a kind of Arab colonialism in disguise while, western societies are turning a blind eye on this danger then, we are seriously putting our future at risk.

Most Muslims in the Western societies are making very clear that, they have no intention whatsoever of being integrated into the host society. In fact, they are repeatedly asking to implement Sharia Laws, in country like England, Italy, Norway, Germany and so on.

Islamisation, no thanks!

We should seriously start asking ourselves even here in the States if, it's time to see this emerging problem in its true color as, a threat to our cultures and ways of life! Now it's time to act, before we will close our chances for survival, by making new laws and enforcing them on immigrants which won't accept our ways of life. They are free to come in our societies if they want to but, they have to fully integrate and accept our costumes and ways of thinking or otherwise be deported. I know it sounds a little too harsh but, what other ways we have to insure that our cities won't be ruled by some Sharia laws? Can you image, in a not so far fetched future our city's streets could be roamed by sharia's police, that will be really the end of everything of our societies are based on, the freedom of each single citizen!
Anyone could be stoned to death for committing some "illicit actions" and even if, what some Imams are saying was true
, that they will apply the Sharia only on Arab/Muslim population, how could we allow such degradation in morality to ever happen in modern societies! We shouldn't allow this barbaric belief to, even been contemplated in our world.

We all should stand firm in what we believe, the freedom of each individual is more important then any stupid, archaic, misconception coming from any religion. We shouldn't allow any barbaric Sharia laws to be rooted in our lands differently, western societies won't survive to this cataclysmic insult to humanity. The game stops here or, they accept our ways of life or, they should be booted out from our countries if, they will refuse obstinately to obey our own laws and won't fully integrate in our societies, that's it!

Watch this video of Robert Spencer talking about, the next moves of Radical Islam.

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