Friday, March 28, 2008

Tibet news, from the past days violences.

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A new and horrifying genocide is happening in Tibet these days. The position of the news medias in the evolving matter is, they do not know, they do not want to know or, they are afraid to upset someone, what is really happening to Lhasa and in all Tibet. When they speak about approximately 80 dead men, or when they cite Chinese's sources which are speaking about 10 dead, these news medias do not have any idea of how much far are from the reality.

The Tibetan's government has published a listing of the first forty dead assessed, following the Chinese repression over the continuation of the uprising in Lhasa and the neighboring regions.

Lhasa, 21 March 2008

According to the Chinese's agenc
ies press, more than one hundred Tibetans been involved in the incidents of Lhasa have surrendered to the police. The state television has broadcasted the images of the arrested men, "all of them been involved in the actions of beating, devastation and arsoning" in the course of the interrogations.

The tension continue to be very high in the Tibetan's capital, as well in the other Tibetan's provinces, in a particular way in the Gansu's region, where in the past days some hundred of Tibetan men, on foot and on horses, have headed towards the center of the governmental offices succeeding in replacing the Chinese flag with a Tibetan flag. No sure news on the number of the deaths, at least some hundred been told from some sources of the Tibetan"s government in exile, and only thirteen deaths counted from the Chinese authorities.

A lots of people are afraid that the number of the victims is more elevated then that. To no foreign journalist is granted to enter in Lhasa and the Beijing's government continues to exercise a tight control on all means of information. A correspondent from the BBC in Beijing is letting us know that the number of the military convoys approaching the Tibetan's capital is continuously increasing and that the situation "is much similar to a curfew one".

From sources reached by phones today we learned that in the area of Lithang (Kham - in the oriental part of Tibet) has been killed at least 15 persons yesterday. Beyond 30 have been killed in the course of four various manifestations in the near province of the Amdo (Gansu).

The Chinese army has imposed a total curfew in the Lithang region: anyone adventure in the roads he's arrested. The Tibetans are enforced to remain in their houses and tourists are confined in their hotels. Meanwhile, the protesters mopping up continue undeterred. Frequently firearms' shots have been heard in an intimidating manners.

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