Thursday, April 3, 2008

Religions, the panacea for all mankind woes?


In this article I use a different approach to Islam teachings view and not only Islam, but in addition, any other religion teachings.

I may not agree with Islam religion teachings, neither with Jewish religion teachings or, I may even disagree with my own religion teaching (which by the way it's Catholicism), but in particular the case of Islam. As I wrote ones, I will never show my disapproval to someone opinions with homicidal aims, that's against my personal (and not related it, to any religion whatsoever) beliefs. I know, this article may sounds somewhat too simplistic in the end, but I'm trying to make my point across, even though it won't be a completely, exhaustive and logical approach at my argumentation, partly because it will take too many postings thus, I'm forced to come up with a summarized and limited version of my personal view on religions. In an attempt of a better explanation, I will go about it in all different directions.


I do not believe, to the goodness that religions bring to humanity nowadays. When I see a human being standing in front of my eyes, I won't evaluate him, from his skin color or, ideology and even less from his faith, but I see him as equal.

I'm Catholic only by name, but not by choice. In fact, I'm not so sure to believe in my religion or, any other religion, I'm not even sure if, to believe in God or, for the mere fact in any other God. Therefore, you can say: am I an atheist? No, not even that! Even the word "atheism", sounds like it belongs to a kind of religion. In a way, I believe in some sort of religion. The religion of science. You can say that's not a religion, and I can't agree more, but that's the only real thing I firmly believe in. Science is the only sure thing that can gives us all the answers we need in life's crisis events.

I know, mankind came out from Africa, our real mother land, the cradle of all human races was indeed, Africa. Back in those prehistoric times, the first humans were with animal instincts. Our forefathers were indeed, apes. To a religion, any religion to just pronounce that yesterday as well today, it will mark you as a blasphemer. When, the first human beings moved out of Africa still with inborn animal instincts, their first settlements were in the middle east. Also, right in that precise moment in the very beginning of the first human communities, the first unsophisticated laws in the prehistory of humanity were born out the basic needs of a more peaceful living together. In fact, from apes like behavior to a more humans behavior, the stealing from each others pieces of fresh raw meat coming from small preys just killed wasn't anymore accepted as humanity, grew up to be more conditioned by moralities dictated from their own evolving intellects.

Contemporaneously, when those archaic laws in the humanity prehistory sprung out from the need of a more harmonious living together amongst human beings, also, the first unrefined religions based on many deities were born.

In those prehistorical days, the first human beings were more apelike and when they started to gaze the skys then, the surrounding nature and probably saw for the first time their images reflecting in a pool of water. Subsequently they realized that, they were in fact living, thinking beings with questions, a lots questions of, where they came from and why they were to be? I can't figure how hard must been for them, to not find any acceptable answers at their questioning of why they were alive. Those first primordial human beings, with all the probability got in a deep emotional distress when asked themselves those questions. Who were them, why they were put there? Humanity first crisis has etched in its self-awareness for the first time, a spiritual crisis which could lead them to a path of insanity. But, in its early stage humanity had found a plausible answer within its self-awareness, it found spirituality and consequently, it had found something else. Humanity had found religion, of course not that kind of monotheistic religions we know today, but was the kind of religion based on objects found in the surrounding areas where humans were used to dwell. When humanity needed comfort in times of crisis, humans started to worship unanimated object, like a stone or, an animal skull or, even things like wind, rain, water or, fire. Even though, those common objects were not living things, humanity gave to those idols divine powers. Humanity gave them the power to make rain or, the power to make humans less vulnerable to diseases or, to be more skilled hunters. Those same idols which humanity gave those divine powers, also, these idols gave to humans all the answers they needed to overcome all their doubts and crisis.

Religions, an answer to all humanity daily concerns?

When the first civilization has began, it also started its first chapter on human history with religions as a part of it. unfortunately, even though in the beginnin
g of human history, religions and the worshiping of many deities was a kind of help for the jump start of the human civilizations, when humans began more sophisticated, also they were more demanding from religions, they sought from them more answers to their doubts and crisis.

Religions have been the main excuse for many bloody wars, in battlefield around the world.

In the beginning, civilizations were based on chaotic and violent societies and the laws of men were not enough to rule on them. Humanity, consequently wanted religions to be more intertwined within their societies by superimposing and sometime even by replacing internal politics and laws.

In these societies, there were men that thought humanity needed guidance from the Gods and religions. Those same men were the voice and the prophets of God. They told to the common mortals that, God himself gave them all the answers humanity needed to overcome all the problems societies have created. That's when, religions starts to collide with the daily realities of humanity.

Religions should be thought only as a spiritual guidance in support of spiritual crisis, not to be mixed with the men's political makings, let alone, to be it dictated and imposed upon the moralities of societies. I'm not against any religion, but in particular case such as Islam, I have doubts and reservations. Hence, I'm afraid that in this modern age Islam may take the world to a near abyss if, it should not reform itself and adapt to a more free and democratic world by been more tolerant to every human being living on the face of planet earth, regardless of his/her behavioral tendency, religion or, sex.


A preaching...Red.eVolution
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