Sunday, May 18, 2008

Islam, the antipode to democracy.


Christians can criticize Christianity, even Jews can criticize Judaism, why Muslims cannot criticize Islam. If someone tries to criticize Islam, he does so at the risk of his own safety.

I do believe that, even Islam should not be above criticism!!!

The freedom that the Western societies are enjoying is based largely on, the freedom of speech and the right to criticize politicians, and ultimately even religions. These rights are the backbones of freedom, and this truth is embedded in the Western Civilizations, and it is sacred for everyone that believes in it, even more than religions. If this basic concept can't be accepted by the Muslim world, consequently Islam can't be a part of this modern and free world.

Can be there a real dialog with Islam?

I personally doubt it. At least, not with this kind of Islam! Islam isn't just a religion, but also a political identity which preaches violence. Islam is to be accepted the way it is. It can't be changed, or can't it be questioned. Islam must be accepted as an all, or otherwise a Muslim isn't a real Muslim, or worst this Muslim can even pay with his own life whenever he tries to question its teachings.

Can Islam be reformed?

If Islam wants to play a role in this world, then Islam needs a radical transformation, not just to reform itself, or otherwise Islam can't be a part of this modern world. If this doesn't happens, then in a long run Islam will lose the battle. Islam has only two choices left: to change or to be subdued.

What we are witnessing today isn't a clash of two religions or two cultures, but it's the clash of two mentalities, one belonging to the modern age, and the other one still rooted in an archaic era.

Islam is a very oppressing religion, especially towards those that are different, or not believers. In particular, the special treatment reserved from this sort of religion to the Muslim women, in which they are dealt like they were sub-humans. I end here saying: only Muslims defend their believes by killing and destroying what isn't Muslim. That's the Islam way. If they can't impose their own beliefs on it, then they will destroying it!

Not other religion, or beliefs, acts in such cowardly ways as, "Islam".

A resolute...Red.eVolution


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