Friday, May 30, 2008

Muslims conversion to Christianity.


A look at Islam through numbers.

Every hour 667 Muslims converts to Christianity, equal to 16 thousands Muslims per day, equal to 6 million Muslims per year, that's from a recent news I have read in some newspapers. If all these numbers were partially true then all the worries for an alleged threat of an all Islamic invasion on the Western fortress civilization should be less worrisome?

Now I don't dispute these numbers, but if they are true that this big part of Islam's followers are defecting from this monotheistic, rigid, and distorted religion, then I thinking what are the risks they are taking for making s
uch a bold step...We all know Islam doesn't cope too well when it comes to deal with apostates. Consequences can be rightly dangerous for these converts...so that in the end, they must keep their conversion very secretively if they want to keep their lives.

Now, I don't really know how these numbers come to be! By reading a second source such as the "London Times" about a 15% of Muslims in Europe had left Islam. Only in Great Britain about a 200 thousands Muslims have left Islam, and in France about 15 thousands have left Islam to become Catholic, or protestants! Now, by looking at the numbers throughout the world, seems to me that this phenomenon of conversion of Muslims to a different religion has lately exponentially increased. As I said, how the hell these sources have collected these numbers? For me, it's very hard to figure out how they did it! Except for a very few well known cases (one in particular Magdi Allam which converted from Islam to Roman Catholicism during the Vatican's 2008 Easter vigil service presided over by Pope Benedict XVI), Islam's apostates won't be very passionated to yell at the all world their conversions. Will they? Converting from Islam to another religion according to the highest Islamic clerics is a defection punishable by death, though I must say throughout the Arab world, these killings occur very rarely.

Islam? No thanks!

Mass exodus from Islam.

Islam doesn't lead to God, but to ignorance, poverty and wars. That's what many Muslims are discovering nowadays in Islam and why they are leaving it. This trend of Muslims leaving Islam is happening every day all over the Arab world, and the main reason for it is: the disgust for the Islamic violences perpetrate against innocent masses. This mass exodus from Islam is mostly made by very secret conversions to another religion.

More and more Muslims are discovering that the violences evidenced by some of their coreligionist's affiliates are ultimately aberrancies inspired by the teachings of the Koran and the examples put in place by its author...(guess who he was?) As I said, Muslims are becoming disenchanted with Islam and that's why they a
re defecting it. I wish and hope, all these numbers were true, because in the very end humanity will jubilate over them. After all, this weakening of Islam means peace for all mankind.

6 million Muslims convert to Christianity every year.

Zakaria Botros

A well known figure amongst the Muslims religious authorities and in which has been feared the most: he's the clergyman copto Zakaria Botros. Zakaria Botros has been described from the Arabic newspaper al-Insan al-Jadid:

“Islam's number one public enemy”
In his programs transmitted via satellite from the United States, in which he discusses from a Christian point of view the Koran's problematic aspects (in particular: the Holy war, the inferiority of the women, the lapidation and so forth), have provoked a mass of clandestine conversions to the Christianity. His perfect knowledge of the Arabic language and of the Islamic's sources which have allowed him to reach a vast middle eastern public. In his programs, the spectators remain affected from the frequent inability of the ulema (the body of Mullahs-Muslim scholars trained in Islam and Islamic law) that often choose to stay silence, rather than replay in a convincing manner to Zakaria Botros' observations. The last reason of Zakaria Botros' programs success is: that contrary to those various Western counterparts that criticizes Islam solely from a political point of view, the main interest of Botros is the salvation of the spirits. In all the Middle East, there is a refusal for the political authoritarianism, the intolerance, the violence and the terrorism legacies coming from the Muslim fundamentalism. Thanks to all these, lately many men and women have approached Christianity. Even in Iran, seems that a million persons secretly have been converted to the evangelical Christianity in the past five years.

Next: a Zakaria Botros video.

Peace of Allah be upon you.
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