Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ominous winds of war coming from Iran.


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Many have questioned the real intents of Iran's proudly inclination for nuclear energy. Iran doesn't really needs nuclear reactors. Simple put, it has enough oil to supply all of its needs, for many years to come. Why then, its eagerness for nuclear energy? The answer at first look is very simple. Iran wants to accomplish nuclear power status to...(that's the real concern of many peaceful nations) to engage in a nuclear warfare against ...guess who? Of course, its much hated nemesis, "Israel".

From the current President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, "Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's statements" in which he expressly declares the total and imminent destruction of Israel. Hes insane declarations on Israel destruction, been repeated as a litany on any interview he gets. In one of his recent interviews held in Rome, (in the occasion of the FAO's summit for the global food crisis) the Iranian president has repeated once more his vehement concepts for a total annihilation of the Israeli nation:
Israel will disappear from the world's geography. The disappearance of the Zionist regime would be good for every nation of the world, a regime which makes suffer peoples, not only the Palestinian, but even the European, and the United States people. Sixty millions people died during world war II. For what reason, only a small part of these dead people is always been remembered.
(he's referring to the Jewish's holocaust)
I want just to say that this black box of the Zionist regime would finally been opened. What I have said regarding the Zionist regime, was mostly the announcement of a news, or in truth, I say, I announce that this regime is on its way out. There will be, its own demolition.
(I've integrally translated the Iranian president's interview with an Italian news media. I tried to be the most accurate possible, during this translation.)

"Is he crazy?" That's my personal reaction, after listening to Mahmo
ud Ahmadinejad's interview. He doesn't gives the impression of a looney gay, at least that's the feeling I'm getting when I'm observing his interview. But then, we'll never know for sure who he is really behind that facade.

The prompt reactions that were coming from Israel towards Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's anti-semitic remarks, were not overdue:
(referring to Iran)
will vanish before us, if you won't stop with your nuclear programs.
This is a promise, that expressly Israel makes to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, while it's making evident allusion to its nuclear arsenal.

On the same note... Barack Obama during his candidacy to the United States' Presidency said:
I'm ready to defend Israel status as a sovereign state. Regarding Iran, I will do anything possible to impede Iran to get its hands on any possible nuclear capacities.

Today, Iran leads and sustain the radical wing of the Muslim world, if Iran would ever become a nuclear power, it would become in the same time leader of one of the most extreme and dangerous Islamic front of all time. Thereafter, a radical Iranian nation will set aside the moderated Islamic front, and in the end it will threaten not only Israel, but all the Western nations. As we all know, the radical Islamists are not just anti-Zionist, but anti-Westerners as well.

If a nuclear attack on Israel soil would ever happen, it wouldn't be without consequences for Iran itself? Not doubt about it. There will be outcomes for Iran too. Thinking of the consequences: the magnitude of damages would be of an immense tragedy on a vast scale. Common sense tells us, that this event it's too unrealistic and would never happen. Would it? In reality, concerns regarding the situation on that part of the world, are very worrisome.

The Iranian president should curb his fierce words, not knowing where those same words will bring not only the Israeli nation, but the entire Iranian nation as well. If he does not ceases with his insane words now, he is condemning to a certain catastrophe the all world. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's lunacy is bringing many nations to the edges of a nuclear war. Iranian people should wake up now, before it's too late. The destruction of the Israeli nation will come with a very high price to pay, not only Israel will suffer the outcomes, but Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's poisoning words are condemning as well, the nation of Iran.

A concerned...Red.eVolution

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