Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New ages of decadences, terrors and environmental catastrophes.


I have a few unanswered questions of my own, regarding humanity conditions and hopes for its own future:

  • Is the world we live in today after reaching its pinnacle, now it's going toward new ages of decadences and terrors, or worst, a total regression of the human's civilizations due to its climate changes.
  • And, how humanity will in a thousand years from now, remembered these times of uncertainties and fears?

Looking from different prospectives it's like there are dark forces behind the shadows of conspiracy and terror, and on top of all that, it's
like even nature is conspiring for an early departure of humanity from this world, due to environmental catastrophes. Like the same fate that happened to the dinosaurs it's as well reserved for humanity, a likely, quickly approaching time, of feared early dismissal from this world? All together, these dark's factors are complotting to push this our modern world to an unavoidable doomsday catastrophe, or of a regression to a new dark age.

Are all these possible scenarios, waiting humanity in the next centuries, or millennium?

My crude answer is: Yes.

Unfortunately, they are real scenarios that we have to deal with in the next centuries, or millennium. It's already happening today, but when all these scenarios will reach its zenith, I wont' be there to see, or to witness how humanity will deal with them, or if humanity will survive to the after consequences.

From what I have seen, or learned, there are not sure answerers to any of the above questions, but hopes. Hopes that humanity will overcome all the uncertainties that the future will lay on humanity's path. Probably, humanity will find solutions, or better it will adapt to these new scenarios. In the light of its ancient history, humanity has always overcome much of its obstacles by adapting its way of life, or adapting its thinking. Yes, in all probabilities humanity will survive them. Primarily, because of its ability of thinking... Humanity will come out affected and scarred by all these eventful uncertainties, but then, it will raise again to new high pinnacles (that's at least what I hope).

Regarding my question:

How humanity will remember these times of uncertainties and fears?

Likely, it will look back at humanity of this time in history, as of a re
bel youngster while is in its act of learning to growing up, while in the same time it's learning to measure its own abilities of adaptations and solutions, to all the mistakes he has made during its infancy's exuberances and recklessnesses on this our poor world.


Hopefully, there will be a world that will look back at all th
e stupid mistakes we are making today, (mostly made because of our self-interest without regard for the consequences for others, or even less, for the environment we live in) for we to regret tomorrow!!!

This article is a premises, of what I will personally embark in my next writings for a better understanding to causes, affects and possible solutions of today missteps and woes, in which humanity has to face with, after all the pilla
ging and almost depletion of our world's resources, or at least whatever we got left of them.

In my next articles, I will talk about food crises, environment's disasters, fuels crisis and much more... But, in the same time I will keep blogging on what I have been doing in the past months, meaning: the dangers of a radicalized Islam and the condition of the Muslim women in it. Plus, I will keep blogging on whatever world's event happens during my blogging time.

I know it's a monumental task, it will take time and much effort, but then, I have all the time and the willingness on my hands that will require to accomplish it.

Next article:

One World One Dream "Welcome to Beijing 2008".

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Anonymous said...

I feel as if there are more ignorence in this world as we go on, in our own selfishness of dialy fighting for a better living of our own, not perseiving the problematics of this world as a all... meaning: we are too propance to watch our eagerly greediness and not looking for the good of the entire ego-system in which we live in, with the rest of all humanity...Thanks for your open mind in the matter.

good job keep it up ...

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