Monday, July 28, 2008

After all, the Madrassa is not much of a Myth.


The Madrassa Myth - New York Times

While madrassas may breed fundamentalists who have learned to recite the Koran in Arabic by rote, such schools do not teach the technical or linguistic skills necessary to be an effective terrorist. Indeed, there is little or no evidence that madrassas produce terrorists capable of attacking the West. And as a matter of national security, the United States doesn't need to worry about Muslim fundamentalists with whom we may disagree, but about terrorists who want to attack us.

Peter Bergen, the author of "Holy War Inc.," is a fellow at the New America Foundation. Swati Pandey is a research associate there.

We shouldn't discard any possible threat so lightly, just because it's based on the preconceived notion that those madrassa are creating masses of very little educated people.

Those Muslim students are not getting a high college education, I'm not disagreeing with that, but whatever lessons of hatred they are getting toward the wester societies and their cultures, I think, that it is enough of a threat.

They are not a threat (for now) because of their educational backgrounds, but there are some plausible reasons that these uneducated madrassa's pupils one day will grow up to be Muslim fanatics, and thereafter if they will get any chance to move in the States, or in any other democratic nation to open new madrassa, frankly, I don't believe that once they will reach their final destinations, they will leave the accumulated hatred behind them.

And then, all those new madrassas will get all the well educated Muslims (as well, the fundamentalists) needed!

Those radical clerics are not counting on the inadequacy of preparation their pupils are receiving, but in motivational hate they are imposing in the pupil's minds.

The madrassas and their real function in Pakistan?

Some madrassas are believed to be breeding grounds for fundamentalists and terrorists, and these are providing recruits to Islamic terrorists organization such as Al-Qaeda. General Musharraf tried to bring them under government control with the help of a couple of state's laws. One of those State's laws was to enforce the removal of foreign students, suspected of being potential recruits of the Al-Qaeda organization.

And here it is a proof of what I was talking about:

The "karachi kids" documentary.

In this video, the headmaster of the madrassa states:

We work on modifying the mentality of our students. by training them in a way that when they will return to their home countries, their mentality is such that they will work on modifying the minds of others.

According to the "New York Times's article" we shouldn't be worried about the madrassas! Should we?

.....While madrassas are an important issue in education and development in the Muslim world, they are not and should not be considered a threat to the United States.

Peter Bergen, the author of "Holy War Inc.," is a fellow at the New America Foundation. Swati Pandey is a research associate there.

About what they are telling us if believe them or not, I leave to you the final decision.

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