Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beijing 2008 - Before the games begin.


With the Olympics just around the corner, China has not kept the promises made of improving its human rights record.

August 8, is approaching really fast, and all the promises made by China (during the Olympic Games' bids for this upcoming 2008 summer's Olympics Games), for improvements on its human rights record when to it was granted the honor of hosting the Olympic Games, have not been met. On the contrary, China has step up its repressive attitudes with crackdowns on the Internet access and ongoing human rights violations.

The Olympic's spirit is not bestowed upon a recipient to be used later as a political's tool for its personal agenda. But, that's what is happening right n
ow with the Beijing's regime: the Olympics' stage been used has a theatrical's platform to show to the world, "how great and magnificent is China".

China has not clean up its acts. Instead, the only thing that Beijing is cleaning up right now is: any possible dissent before the upcoming event. Before, many analysts thought that by allowing China to be part of the, "World Trade Organization" like any other democratic nations, and now by rewarding it with the holding of the, "Summer's Olympics" would have enforced China to a turn around on its national and international policies, but were they all wrong?

et, China has not become more of a free and open society.

The XXIX Olympic Games of Beijing.

The Olympic Motto,"Citius, Altius, Fortius," which means "Swifter, Higher, Stronger.

The Beijing motto, "Curb, Control, deny," which for Beijing they mean: curbing any access to the free Internet, controlling every decisive aspect on the level of personal life, and (lastly) denying any civilian liberties.

Ye Guozhu must be released immediately

23 July 2008

Amnesty International today demanded the immediate release of housing rights activist Ye Guozhu, who was arrested and sentenced in December 2004, after he applied for permission to hold a demonstration against forced evictions in Beijing. The Chinese authorities say they will now not free Ye Guozhu when his four-year prison sentence expires on 26 July. Instead he will remain imprisoned until at least 1 October, after the end of the 2008 Olympic Games. "Ye Guozhu is being kept in prison to prevent him from speaking out about the people, like himself, who were forcibly evicted from their homes in Beijing to make room for the Olympics," said Amnesty International. "This is in complete contradiction of the promises China made to improve human rights before the start of the Games."


(AGI) - Beijing, 31 July - Protest from human rights and journalistic organizations has proved in vain: censorship of on-line sites deemed "sensitive" by the Chinese regime will stay put, even as far as the upcoming 2008 Olympic Games are concerned. The announcement was made by the Olympic organizing committee, justifying the crackdown on unrestricted internet access to the internet with the violations of the law that the sites targeted would allow. "A limited number of internet sites have been blocked, fundamentally because they violate Chinese laws," said Sun Weide, spokesman for the Olympic Games organizers, when asked whether the ban would be lifted. "We hope," he added, "that the foreign mass media will respect our regulations."

China: Olympic terror plot foiled

BEIJING, China (CNN) -- Police in China have "cracked" an international terrorist group that was planning to attack Olympic venues in Shanghai, state media reported Thursday.

.....A Human Rights Watch analyst raised concerns that China may be using the Olympics as an excuse to crack down on dissidents. "It's clear that the police are simply adding cases of people who they think are engaging in activities that are critical of Chinese rule," Nicholas Bequelin told CNN. The government has not produced any evidence of terror plots, and nearly all of the arrests are based on the confessions -- sometimes forced -- of those detained, he said. "What the government appears to be doing is to conflate terrorism with criminal acts and other cases of dissent," he said.

have been always contrary to to boycott China, but should we forget all this, for the sake of the Olympics? No, we can't.

And we cannot for sure, forget Tibet either.

Let (for now) the Games begin...Red.eVolution

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