Thursday, August 7, 2008

Four days before the opening of the Olympic Games in China.


Four days before the opening of the Olympic Games at least sixteen policemen are killed, and 16 more are wounded following an attack against a police station of Kashgar (Kashgar is the capital of the nationalism Uighuro) in the Xinjiang, a nord-occidental region inhabited by the Uiguri with a Muslim majority. According to the Chinese agencies, two men used a truck like a ram in order to penetrate inside the police headquarter to ultimately launch two grenades inside the building.

Eighteen foreign terrorists were arrested the day aft
er the attack occurred in Xinjiang and these (allegedly) terrorists were all connected to al-Qaida. First, I must say that I do not believe the Chinese authorities are telling us all the truth about those arrest, because often the Chinese's authorities have not given any factual evidence in support of their affirmations.

Those terrorists which made that attack in Xinjiang are in all probability Uiguries separatists, and they are not connected to any international Islamic terrorism. Probably the China's authorities are using the terrorists's attack as an excuse, for intimidating any possible act of discontent toward the authoritarian hold of the Chineses upon those lands.

The autonomous region of the Xinjiang at one time was known as the oriental Turkestan, the Chinese Turkestan, the Uyghuristan, or the Sinkiang. It was annexed by different Chinese dynasties during the course of history, and for some brief periods in its history it was independent. Eventually in 1949, this region was overwhelmed by the People's Liberation Army of China and since then it has been a stable part of China. Nowadays, the Xinjiang's region is composed by different ethnic groups, many of them Turkic, the largest of which are the Uyghurs.

Anyway, I believe there are hopes with the Olympic games. Afterward China would be forced to be a bit more open to the rest of the world-wide communities. Even tough, my impression is only a meager consideration, " the Olympic Games are the only chance inside the one-party ruled China, for any prospect of some real form of democracy in the future".

Latest news:

Four activists from the U.S. and Britain have been detained in Beijing after staging a protest outside the main Olympic stadium. Two of the protesters climbed electrical poles to unfurl pro-Tibetan banners. It's the first such demonstration at a venue for the games.

Latest from: news.bbc.co.uk.

Olympic relay in Beijing climax

Cheering, flag-waving crowds in the Chinese capital, Beijing, have been watching the Olympic torch on the final leg of its global relay......Earlier, four activists from the UK and the US were arrested after unfurling banners close to the Olympic stadium.

A Red...Red.eVolution

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