Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Games of peace, games of war (a Chinese-Russian personal overview).


In this very moment, are played two kind of games on the world stage. One game is played by the Chinese with the Olympics game and the other by the Russians (and of course the Russian's games has nothing to do with games).

Games of peace-The Beijing's Olympics game.

As might be expected, the Olympics games are peaceful games, but are these games being used by the Chinese's leaders only as a boost for China's confidence, or as a form of statement to the world. A statement which could sound something like this: look at us of what we are capable of. Now because all this, you all should now recognize us into our new role as valid interlocutor in the world's making decisions.

Of course, this growing economic strength of China in the last two decades has worried many nations because of China political nature. Many western-observers are hoping that China's economical strengthening doesn't equal to an increased treat to the world peace. But at the contrary with its increasing economic power, China's leaders will be enforced to open to the world and create a more liberal Chinese's society which in return will solely influence the world in positive ways. Is this going to happen? Lets hope so, or the world is going to wake up in a new 3rd world war's hellish.

Games of war-The Russian-Georgian war.

Russia troops marched into Georgia on August 8, in order to defend the Russian peace keepers and the Ossetia population from a Georgian offensive on South Ossetia. Western politicians are aware of the dangers coming from a war on those parts of the world. A war in those lands can easily spread like a brush fire across the bordering countries (and later, even endanger the peace in Europe). Of course, we all know that the Russian intervention is more dictated by political/economical interests and not for humanitarian reasons.

Right now, the Georgian crisis is creating the most serious of the diplomatic crisis between Russia and United States since the end of the Cold War. Vladimir Putin (he's the real master of Russia, and not the Russian's President Dmitry Medvedev) is finally revealing his true facade', a brutal leader who he's trying to give back a superpower status to his nation (meaning Russia), and to reach this goal he doesn't give a damn about other people lives.

Lets hope will be there enough political pressures to stop him before the worst could happen.


Both nations, (Russia and China) are trying to bolster their international influence in the world by adopting different methods. Should we be concerned by these two giants for their insatiable taste of power? Naturally. The outcomes of these two nations' struggles for power, could well influence the world stability in the future.

Latest news from The New York Times:

MOSCOW — President Dmitri A. Medvedev of Russia announced Tuesday that he had ordered a halt to his country’s military operation in Georgia, although he did not say that troops were pulling out and he insisted that Russian forces were still authorized to fire on enemies in South Ossetia.


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