Saturday, August 9, 2008

At last, Beijing opening ceremony for the Olympic games came, and it was majestic.


China has already won its personal Olympics.

From many years of preparation (starting from the 2001 China's winning bid process) to its final execution, the end results for the 2008 summer Olympics was an astounding opening scenario. In all the probabilities, this Olympics will be very hard to surpass, or even to be matched by the next 2012 Summer Olympic Games due to be hold in London, as well by many others Olympic Games to be still organized in a future far away. In the China's horizon, these Olympics can very well mark the beginning of a new Chinese's renaissance.

For some detractors, the Olympics' ideals were overshadowed by the fact that there are celebrated inside a nation ruled by an authoritarian one party system, but nobody can deny that these Olympics are one of the most astonishing event humanity has ever witnessed .

The bashing coming from the westerner political leaders, news medias (and I must admit even from myself) on China's decision makers, it could well be counterproductive. Those harsh criticisms can only create sterile confrontation with China, and in the near future these attitudes on China leaderships won't much help in solving current problems such as environment, economic, and political issues which are treating humanity's well being and survival.

Cooperation and not confrontation is the only solution, there are not others alternatives. If we keep fighting on national interests without seeing the big picture, we are condemned this world. We shouldn't forget we are living together in this one world, and no others worlds are waiting for us to fill in. If all the nations won't stick together and find ways to cooperate with solving all the problems which are afflicting humanity today, then tomorrow with all the likelihoods we will perish all together.

Of course, I'm not suggesting to close an eye on China human rights' violations. To ease the tensions with China, I believe there are other ways in helping China's leaders to make the right choices, for the good of their own people, rather than criticizing them. After all, I do not believe the leaders of China are egocentric and bloody thirsty dictators. I don't see them in the roles of Pol Pot figures, or as Stalin kind dictators.

China's leaders are smart people. When they saw the Soviet Empire crumbled and dissolved within itself, consequently they realized that the Soviet Empire's collapse gave away an uncontrollable, and erratic form of democracy. Right that moment the Chinese leaders understood one thing, the danger of a society not used to freedom and economic openness, sliding towards its own downfall. If they had China's people get what they wanted, a democracy without the solid foundations, later the nation of China could had followed the same path of the Russian Federation, "rampant crime and corruptions on any level inside the Russian society" and probably China would had lost any opportunity to become later a great nation.

Today China is communist only on paper. Chinese leaders knew that the communism was dead, and for China the only path left was a new form of leadership if they wanted to become an economic power. Eventually, China's leaders knew that once they had opened the doors to a more open system, soon or later they had to give up their power. A strong nation needs a strong economy and that can be accomplished only in open and free society.

These same leaders are keeping power as long as they can, ultimately to give strong social structures as supports to a fast growing Chinese economy, thus becoming a strong nation in which later could give to the world a possible guidance for the future of the entire humanity. To accomplish this task China's leaderships need stability, and for them to have stability meant to be in control, and unfortunately to be in control for the leaders of China also meant to limit human rights.

They are really conscious that before China could reach the pinnacle of a great power, they needed to maintain a strong economic growth, and to do that China needs to be a real democratic nation. At some point, China's leaders will have only a choice left, they will have to change if they want to be part in a future democratic nation.

China's people must be proud of what they have accomplished in these much awaited Olympics. Many years of hard work has finally paid in a dazzling "2008 summer Olympics' opening".

My congratulation to China, and good luck...Red.eVolution

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Ingrid said...

Hey I totally agree with your views on the Olympic games! :)
And yes, the show was spectacular. Even watching at home from my TV, I got chilled up and down my spine! :)

Red.eVolution said...

Indeed, it was a spectacular event, but in the same time we shouldn't forget who is hosting this event. China is a nation ruled by a leadership which don't care much about human rights. Olympics are important, but human rights are even more.

Thanks for your comment.

2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Tally Count, Updates and Results said...

this year's 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony was really great!!! I've watched it on a youtube video and it seems sooooooooo perfect!!!! :)

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