Monday, August 18, 2008

Legally killed in the name of honor.


Degradations, violences and execution on Muslim women.

A referential (short) handbook on how to, "treat women in Muslim oriented families" in order to preserve and prevent the own family honor to be smudged.

First step: degradations.

Method of choices to keep women in a diminished role in societies: nose cutting, bride price, female genital mutilation, forced marriages, polygamy, and forced virginity testing (these are many form of degradations in which many Muslim women are facing in many Muslim-Nations).

Second step: violences.

Method of choices to be applied for asserting the own male status: marital rape, beating, and any other form or shape of domestic violences and abuses.

Step three: Execution.

And after all the above women are not well behaved and subdued, then the ultimate punishment is prescribed: killing the offending woman.


Honor killing, an outrageous and cowardly act towards any human being.

Honor killings are brutal form of executions, and most of the times these are perpetrated on women by their own family's members. There are a variety of methods to use for washing a own soiled family's honor: by strangulation, by clubbing, by stabbing, by axing, by setting ablaze, but the most hideous of all
by stoning the victim.

In all the likelihood you may think that all the above is coming from a sadistic torturer's mind. But, even though it is just a hypothetical handbook that's the sad reality for most of the Muslim women treated like belongings all over the Muslim's world. Since their remote history as yet in the present days, those women are been forced to face on daily basis with all those kind of humiliations.

Social injustice against women are consented by most of Muslim nations with their judiciary system that warrants honor killings on the grounds of tradition, culture, and assault on a family member’s manhood.

Women are judged and executed by the own family member/executioner without given a chance to explain or to clear up any possible misunderstanding. Afterwards, for women the only mean left to escape their sentence of death is by suicide.

Nobody really knows, how many Muslim girls and women are murdered around the world each year in the name of, "family honor" since their deaths often go unreported and unpunished. Most of the times, mutilated women's bodies are found casually in ditches with their throat cut and chopped into pieces.

In the name of honor.

Unfortunately nowadays, while honor killings may be more prevalent in the Middle East, these are no longer unknown occurrences in the West.

How to kill a malignant disease.

To demystify and uproot the tribal concept of “honor” so deeply entrenched in many archaic societies in the middle East as well in other parts of the Muslim's world, there is only one route: education since the early age of any committed Muslim.

Many Muslim apologists are arguing that this plague has nothing to do with Islam, maybe it is so? But, what about some Imams start to preach some tolerance and equality, particularly in favor of women rather than wasting their time in preaching hatred from the minarets of their mosques.


More to read here: Honor Killings.

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Kaunain Shahidi said...

Nice blog !

Violence against women in our society is certainly tragic, whats your opinion about Josef Fritzl Case ?. Common dont have double standard...

" The Austrian man who locked up and raped his daughter for 24 years could be questioned about an unsolved murder in the country.

Josef Fritzl has already admitted imprisoning Elisabeth in a sound-proof dungeon underneath his home and fathering her seven children.

Police investigating the case are now examining the possibility that he may be linked to the killing of a seventeen year old woman who disappeared in 1986.

Her body was found near a lake where Fritzl owned a bed-and-breakfast."

Red.eVolution said...

I condemn any violence perpetrated in any societies, and to me it doesn't matter what religion or nation.

Anyway, what you mentioned in your comment about the "Josel Fritzl" case is an exception and not the rule in western societies.

The criminal action of a single Austrian man was not dictated by social or religion circumstances, but his sick mind.

You should not generalize between different cases. What we are talking here are recurrences that are going on all over the Muslim societies against women. These recurrences are not exceptions but norms in those countries.

In the end, you cannot compare the case of a single sick man from Austria, to the whole disgrace that it's happening against women in the muslim's societies.

At any rate to be more clear, I don't absolve either one.

Thanks for your comment.

VNTuongLai said...

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