Thursday, August 28, 2008

Islam-the end of many cultures?


Today, humankind is confronting with a great risk. Islamic fundamentalism is on the rise and the hate toward anything that differs from Islam's teachings is brooding in the minds of millions of Muslims. This hate must be confronted or else, there would be fatal consequences for the world.

Libyan Leader Muammar al-Gaddafi

I don't want to preach any racial hate here, that's not the scope of this blog and either it is in my nature, but I do have to express my concerns for a dangerous situation that is arising from all the Muslims emigrating in Europe. I don't want to generalize here. I know there are good Muslims, and bad Muslims as in any other religion, but how can we discern the good from the bad?

I was born in Europe, and I moved in the States over twenty years ago. Till these days, I feel to belong to the old continent. When I see what is going on in many European countries that makes me very sick in the stomach, and worried about a possible future on that part of the world.

Good Muslim, bad Muslim.

More I learn on the real nature of Islam and its fanatics, and more I get troubled. I can't really digest the thought that a tomorrow, Europe can be under the influence of a radical Islamization. For me, that's really unthinkable.

What I have found within Islam and the teachings of its holy book, "the Koran" are exclusively a tremendous amount of moral perversions and very little, if anything, of spiritual values. It allows slavery, stoning to death, it permits the beating and killing of women, and worst the marriage of old men to three/four years old girls. What good can come for Europe if this evil religion will succeed in its intents. Islam will only humiliate and force to prostrate at its feet, the once great Christian Nations.

Islam Permits Marriage with One-Year-Old Girls

Will the end of Islam be, the end of a curse for many peace loving Muslims?

Many millions of peace loving Muslims don't realize that they are the very first victims of Islam's teachings. A rampant poverty, backwardness and illiteracy, that's all they got left in their hands if they keep following that absurdities dictated by their religion. Muslims should remove the religious blindness of an evil Islam from their souls and minds, if they want a chance to achieve anything good in this modern era, and the only way to achieve it is by the destruction of this false doctrine together with its corrupted ideologies.

Then, on top of Islam's ashes can possibly be found a new egalitarian, and more humanistic societies. Tomorrow, millions of Muslims will decide they have had enough of a religion based on absurd beliefs and stupid indoctrination.

Sure, like that's a feasible possibility, but my thought is just a provocative criticism to a so called religion of peace. The only thing that can really free
millions of Muslims from the malevolent spell of a false religion is through education and rational thinking, and most important a complete reform of Islam. Would that ever happen?

I hope so, or else we are for an abrupt awakening, and I'm not just talking about Europe but even here in the States as well any other peaceful Christian Nation on Earth.

12 year old girl in a forced marriage

What Islam wants is to spread all over the world its malefic influence.

Has been debated over and over whether Islamic families can adapt to the social ways of the Western world, and my answer to this question is no! Until these Islamic families are under the Koranic influence, would be very hard for them to adapt and accept our way of life. In the other hand, they will force us to accept them with their baggages of misconceptions and backwardness on life.

Dignities in the name of Islam, are been treaded on at any level of theirs societies. Even more, Muslim people seem incapable of metamorphosing their archaic cultures to more vibrant and highlighted cultures, the same way with their lack of producing their own food. If we let them, they will try to change modern societies the same ways they did within their countries of origins.

Beating your Wife

Their cultures and societies are crystallized in the past and are not capable to flourish and grow in modern societies, but in the other hand they want to adapt and change the hosting countries to their own ways of life....meaning they want to bring down everything that the western societies want to offer them, by destroying any resemblance of freedom and decency that many Western cultures have cherished for a very long time.

Indeed, for the Western civilizations would be disastrous to welcome them with open arms together with their extravagant an dangerous ideas in how a life should be lived. That's what an evil Islam wants to impose on the hosts countries. A culture of damnation and backwardness, together with a awareness of intolerance and hatred from a fake religion. That's all these Muslim emigrants are bringing with them to offer at their hosting countries...meaning the end of freedom and all together the end of Western civilizations.

If I have been too harsh on this matter, I want to point out that my disagreement isn't really with the Muslim people, but with the absurdnesses of an Islam which deviates from decency and the principles of justice, and by its fanatic followers.


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