Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Increasing movements of Islamophobia, in the western world.


Many Muslims in the European countries struggle to maintain their own families by working very hard, and they have not intentions to support or either to condemn any form of extremism. Many Christians will act probably the same way when they are put in the same conditions. It is in the human nature to get on peacefully with life, without paying any attention to anything that can disrupt or affect its own routinely worries.

Increasing movements of Islamophobia, in the western world.

Unfortunately all is not well, as a part of those peaceful Muslims are not playing by the rules, and these are (as many times as been emphasized by many news medias) the Islamic fascists. And that's what makes it a real problem.

In many Western societies due to these radical Muslims, there is growing problem and it is the Islamophobia. The outcomes of this Islamophobia can only be rejection and resentment from these peaceful Muslims, toward anything that will come from the Westerner cultures.

To find a possible solution of confining and possibly eradicate the small fringe of hostile Islamists, intertwined with the sane part of the Muslim society, it is a very hard task.

Certainly, trying to separate both of them and get some results without resentments and victimizations will take some serious detective work.

Meanwhile, what makes me anger more is, when a Christian voices out his concerns about Muslims' lack of respect toward anything that minimally resembles, or tastes of Westernization, this last one will be promptly marked as an Islamophomic and even risking of being arrested.

On the same token, we see radical Muslims in the street of Europe shouting angrily they disgust for Westerner liberal ideas, freedom of speech, and ultimately the same cultures where these people are residing, to the point of mocking these Christian Nations with the burning of their National flags. And worst of all, these radical Islamists are fervidly declaring (as seen in many photos, and videos) with impunity, the end of Western civilizations not by the wars but overrunning them by the numbers.

They can openly threat anyone that is critical to Islam by terminating his/her life abruptly, and politicians together with the police forces are standing by, because of political correctness.

I know, I know, that's what a real democracy is, anyone is entitle for the freedom of speech. In any democratic Nation, anyone can express itself freely without paying any consequence.

These Muslims can openly say whatever they feel in these democratic Nations as well, but that's what they are counting on.

At what cost, we are letting these extremist nutcases the usage of something very sacred to us?

Ironically, they are usurping our own rights, the same rights that they are despising. That's @#%$#@& unbelievable!!!

My impression is that we are falling to a deep dark hole from which later will be very hard for us peace loving people, to climb up from it once we are in.

Of course, we are keeping our freedom of speech intact by allowing these @#%$# this same right. What a great consolation, isn't it?

What we need are some hard choices.

Now, maybe it is time to apply some serious changes, some sort of restrictions to these would be European citizens. Frankly, why we should respect them when they don't respect us, for what we are and, for what we believe!

And no, I am not a Islamophobic.

To be more clear: I'm directing my ranting solely toward those who profaned the sanctity of our freedom, intending those radical Muslims together with their evil Imams which are bent to the total destruction of the Christian values.

An unapologetic...Red.eVolution

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