Thursday, September 18, 2008

Eurabia, land of Islam (there goes Europia).



European Union is under the pressures of an immoral and arrogant Islam, and it's been slowly encompassed into a land of Dhimmis and Dhimmitude. Europe will be soon subdued by idiotic Sharia's laws while its democratic true value of freedom and free thinking are being slowly eroded in the name of multiculturalism, put in place for economical interests by European political servants, to extravagant and reckless ideas of a great "Eurabia" in response to a globalized world.

What is at the stake, for Europe?

To the apathetic people: Eurabia is a new vision for the European future, envisaged by careless and shortsighted European politicians which are now endangering Europe's long standing cultures and histories, to a diminish role as a Dhimmis's land subdued to an arrogant and false doctrine such as Islam.

Some critics of Islam say that Islam together with the Islamic fundamentalism, is a threat to western civilization comparable to Communism and Nazism, and as such it can be defeated. But I believe, it can't be compared with Communism and Nazism, and hence be defeat it. Simply put, Islam is disguising itself as a false religious doctrine, and to defeat a faith takes more than a war. But by challenging and criticizing it, is the first step to give a mortal blow to Islam's ambitions for the world's dominance.

A new political philosophy in the making.

Ideas of multiculturalism and cooperation with the Arab world, were gushed out during the 1973 oil crisis. Back then, the European Economic Community (today, the European Union) came up with a new political thinking of entering into a stage of talks and cooperation with the Arab League.

Since then, European politicians and intellectuals were gingerly preparing to link Europe to Islam's culture with a new political philosophy, and thus creating an Euro/Arab axis. A cultural and demographic fusion between the two Mediterranean's banks, and all in the name of economic profits. The new philosophy, championed mostly by the "Grandeur" of a French Republic and currently being shaped by its current president Nicolas Sarkozy.

What a madness is that!?!

An idea, a philosophy hopefully doom to failure, or otherwise in a forthcoming future that bad-shaped philosophy will subvert and condemn Europe's characteristics and fundamentals of open and free societies.

Ultimately, the betrayal committed by some politicians to Europe’s true values, is sentencing today the all of European cultural heritages of being replaced by the unpleasantness of a new identity. A new identity made by many Mediterranean's cultures, and with it also will bring the inherited risks of a radical Islam inside Europe's borders.

Bat Yeor On Islamic Jihad

There goes Europia, being replaced by Eurabia. Europia? No, it isn't a my mistake. During the making of this post, I coined a new term for Europe and its utopia. The new term is, "Europia" meaning: an almost perfect place with its social, political and moral aspects of democracies, except that today it is under the threat of being replaced by, "Eurabia". Fending off the danger of an European Islamization. Fortunately, many European citizens are waking up today from the torpor dictated by political correctnesses and false beliefs of multicultural societies, by pressuring their politicians to rethink their immigration's policy, and subsequently the process of assimilation for all the immigrating masses, which are getting into Europe's heart.

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