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Europe will be conquered not by the sword, but by the numbers.


During the Kosovo war, the Serbians had accused the Kosovaro's Albanians that they were not the original inhabitants of the Kosovo region. The Kosovar's Albanians had moved into the Kosovo's region during many years, and because of the proficiency of their birth rate, from the minority ethnic group they were from the beginning, soon they had become (with about a 92% of the entire Kosovar's population) the major ethnic group of that region.

Now, as I recall during the Kosovo war I was puzzled by a TV program interview, to an Albanian civilian which answered to the interviewer's question that Serbia had the weaponry to fight a war, by saying that the Albanians had the numbers to win it. To win it not by a war but by the numbers.

To be more specific in that interview the Albanian said: if the Serbians will fight a war with their guns, the Albanians will fight their war with their ....(I let you figure what he meant).

There are other instances of this kind which had already occurred, or occurring in the present days, and which I'm going to emphasize in this my new post, starting from a well known context here in the States.

In the United States, have been some concerns with the strong influx of Mexican immigrants coming in, with the hopes of a better future. Now, the Mexicans' problem that I want to underline here is, their numbers.

In fact, the Mexicans that already are here and those who wish to be here, will exceed by far the United States capacity. I foresee that this big mass of immigrants coming from Mexico, will in the end alters the original make up and consistency of this great nation.

Many immigrants coming from Latin American countries, are not even trying to learn the native language because of the big
speaking Spanish communities already here. They are not trying to amalgamate with the already existing English speaking communities, but they rather tend to create a version of their own communities with their language and cultures.

Already in the States, there is a second speaking language which is, the Spanish language.

This new status quo, created by the Spanish communities are enforcing many native English speaking to learn their language and culture, and because of their increasing numbers soon the Spanish language will be the primary speaking idiom in the United States. The United States will become very soon, a full-fledged Latin American nation.

At last, the Mexicans didn't win the war with guns, but they will win it with the numbers.

The world conquered not by the sword, but by the numbers.

Another modern context which I would like to present here is, "the Chinese ever growing population".

A couple of months ago, I read about the Chinese presence in the African's regions. In an attempt to mitigate their perennial population problem, the Chinese' authority are trying to export their ever growing population in that part of the world.

I was really astonished when in a different report I had read about the Chinese residing in Italy, that they had already created many "little Chinatowns" communities all over Italy. And, I falsely believed that exclusively in the United States I could find, "little Chinatowns" kind of communities. In fact, Italy is getting a fast growing Chinese population of its own. Twenty-five years ago, I didn't know any Chinese living in Italy. And now if you go there, you will see a lots of them walking around.

All over Europe, Chinese communities are being created in a very fast pace, for the mere fact all over the world Chinese population are creating Chinese communities. At this pace, I believe the world will be soon owned by Chineses.

Europe will be conquered not by the sword, but by the numbers.

And finally, the last circumstance I would like to talk about here is, the Muslims presence in the Western hemisphere and as well, in other parts of the world.

I wasn't surprised at all, when the Libyan Leader Muammar al-Gaddafi spoke these words:

"We have four million Muslims in Albania. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe – without swords, without guns, without conquests. The fifty million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades. Europe is in a predicament, and so is America. They should agree to become Islamic in the course of time, or else declare war on the Muslims."

Indeed, many Muslim radicals today believe that the expanding numbers of Muslims in Europe, will finally be able to achieve what weapons could not do for a millennium, "the conquest of Europe without a real war".

The Muammar al-Gaddafi's words are not that far fetched. With an increasing number of Muslims in Europe, many democracies in the old continent are putting themselves in a danger zone.

Soon, a de facto situation will be in place. Islam will be the first religion and the leading force in Europe.

s the birthrates in those European countries are decreasing and the population are becoming older, the societies in the European nations will be in need of new workforces even more, to help run their industrial economies. These new workforces are coming from immigrants from all over the world, but a vast majority of them are coming from Muslims nations.

Europe is putting itself in a predicament in which will be harder to extricate later from it. A showdown with Islam is getting closer, and the outcome could be an unwelcome dawn for Europe and its original inhabitants.

Islam is to a great degree considered Europe's fastest arising religion, with immigration and above average birth rates leading to a rapid increase in the Muslim population.

Soon to come, Europe's demographics destiny.

The Western nations, with their dwindling population are on the verge of disappearing from earth's face, defeated not by wars but by the lack of their reproductive, and been replaced later on by populations not too fond for human rights.

The whites populations will soon be enlisted as an endangered species. Their own extinction isn't a joke anymore, or is it (cryptic smile).....

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David said...

A very good post regarding the numbers game. Muslims are already flexing their muscle in England and, of course, in France, which surprisingly hasn't surrendered yet. I have to echo about the hispanics also. They have no desire whatsoever to learn our culture and especially our language. John McCain keeps talking about being "compassion." Well, let's see him demand they go back to the end of the line, apply for entry legally and try again to assimulate into American culture. Of course, we both know that will never happen. I fear you will see the Balkinization of America soon...and the wars that will bring.

Red.eVolution said...

Thanks David for your comment, I really appreciate it.

I'm always afraid that I could go overboard when I write on some thorny issues, and afterwards being marked as a racists. That's something I really hate. I prefer to be more generic on them, rather than to get into the core of them.

I try to be balanced in my posts, but sometime its very hard to do it without getting across the point. As in this case, I played around this matter without going really inside its core's issue.

Be too compassion sometime can backfire, and doesn't really help with the integration of the individuals coming in a host nation.

Frankly, I believe in the full acceptance of the culture and rules of the accommodating nation. If an emigrant doesn't want to complain with them, then, he should go back to his native land. Not questions asked.

When moving into another country, not try to make somebody else house your old house, but adapt to the new environment of that society by learning its language and its way of living.

By refusing to integrate in a society, but at the contrary when you are trying to change its make up, (like imposing a language and culture of your own) then you are violating and abusing the rights of the native people of that society. These violation and abusing can be interpreted as a forced (war) invasion, rather then a peaceful assimilation.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

islam will conquer by numbers and jihad, europe will become another belarus or another constantinople EITHER OUTCOME IS IN OUR FAVOUR INSHALLAH ALLAHHUAKBAR!!!

Red.eVolution said...

Anonymous, yours is only an illusion.
The only possible outcome is, the end of Islam.

Anonymous said...

yeah red.evolution.. i am totally with u on this.. in my country india, we hindus r facing a similar situation.. don't know what's' gonna happen..

Red.eVolution said...

Thanks for your commenting,

I'm aware that the Indian continent faces the same fate as Europe. In point of fact, the all not Muslim world is under the same threat of Islamization. Islam is a threat to the world peace because of its inherited attitude toward anything which will differ from its teachings, and therefore is unacceptable. Any Kafir must be subdued and reformed to the teaching of their holy book, and their shariah laws.

A reformation imposed by a violent conversion to any infidel throughout the non Muslim/world. The all world should stand up to the evil of a forced Islamization or else, it will be humanity's destruction...

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