Sunday, September 21, 2008

Islam, a dark strategy created by politicians for their political interests.


Games of politics.

I must admit, that sometimes I have uneasy feelings when I writing on Islam's topic. Feelings which are translated into personal doubts of falling for a dark strategy. A political's dark strategy, masterminded by political puppeteers which are maneuvering their marionettes (meaning all of us, the common citizens), behind the close doors of politics.

I'm always wondering if this unseen dark strategy is, a degenerate scheme produced by evil minds to draw away our focus from the real problems that are tormenting our own societies.

After September 11, a new threat has appeared into the political and social sceneries of almost every democratic nations on earth. This threat which has replaced the old Cold War is coming from the Islamic Mideast's nations, and it has since loomed in the minds and souls of all.

I'm always wondering if in the case of the European Union, the creators of this elaborate scheme could had resorted on the use of scare tactics to deceive their real intents.

What kind of intents you may ask?

I thought one of their intents could well be this: after the creation of the EU, the European makers needed an adhesive to bind together all the different European identities into one homogeneous European state. And what's better than an Islamic menace which will encompass all of the Europeans' fears of losing their beloved freedoms, into inducing them to react with disproportion as a united force to this potential disastrous event in all of their lives.

Here, in the United States of America after September 11, the danger of radical Islamists are been played into the hands of smart American politicians to fit in their political agendas as well? For example: the Islamic's threat has being used as an excuse during the Gulf war, but the real nature of the war was a dark strategy put in place by evil American politicians for the economical benefits of a few. At least, that's what a lot of American people are thinking about that war.

Fanciful conspiracy theories.

And here, I want to open a small paragraph regarding 9/11 conspiracy theories: like the conspiracy theory of Intelligence Agency Involvement in 9/11 Attacks, or all the rumors of Israeli Involvement in 9/11. After all, without 9/11, some of the American political masterminds couldn't had waged a war in Iraq, and consequently draw profits from it.

Before September 11, there were few people talking about the evil Islam. After that, everyone were talking about it. Later on, any malaise in our societies seem to be imputable to Islam.

Sometimes, it looks to me that Islam has being used as a scapegoat by many ordinary citizens from Western nations, and that political's scammers which are using mental games (reverse psychology) to move these
ordinary citizens toward the direction they had planned for, under the false pretense of imminent dangers are finally succeeding in their plans.

These politicians are using political correctness and cultural sensitivity, to stimulate tolerance among different ethnic groups. Especially, when they are talking about Muslims and Islam, and the situation created upon their arrival in Euroland, or here in United States. In reality, they don't give a damn about them, but their real objectives are different and well concealed.

Where is the truth?

Who knows! All my doubts could very well be generated by wrong impressions. And despite of all, I want to keep a suspicious mental attitude toward anything that is dumped at me by the politicians, news medias and similar. Besides, I would be very angered if I have fallen to a trickery engineered by evil politicians, for the benefit of the gullible such as myself.

In conclusion, what I was trying to tell you with all the doubts I have regarding the supposedly Islamization of the Western Civilizations is, to always maintain a sensible skepticism because you never know whether this Islamic crises, or any other national, or international crises are indeed nothing more than mere deceptions created by our own governments, for keeping us from looking farther fror the real culprits which are causing afflictions in our societies.

Does all this means that I will stop blogging about Islam?

Until won't be there any tangible proof that indeed, it is all a scheme the cultural crises between Western Civilization and the Islamic civilization and not just my fervid imagination, I won't stop to write about it.

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Yankee Doodle said...

It is prudent to be skeptical and suspicious of those in power. Always question authority -- authority that is legitimately exercised will withstand the scrutiny.

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