Monday, September 8, 2008

Obama, or McCain. 60 days before the last challenge.


Between crisis, wars, and gasoline prices going through the roof, there are 60 days left for the very last challenge between the two candidates running for the White House's Presidency.

In exact two months from the election for the presidency of the white house, there are little certainties on whom, could be the winner of it.

A change for the better.

After a not so brilliant 8 years of Bush administration, anyone else will be much better than this last President (I guess). Whoever of the two candidates, "Obama, or McCain " will win the 2008 Presidential Election, together with whatever changes and possibilities for a brighter future he will bring to the people of the United States, are welcomed.

The next President, has to keep the promises he has made during
the long Presidential campaign, and in turn, hoping that those same promises will give the much needed changes, to boost the confidence and ultimately the recovery of an American nation on the declining side from the economic powerhouse it was used to be.

Waiting for new changes, and hoping they are for the better.

Back in the years of my youth when I was living in Italy till these days, I can still remember those years as the most happy of my life. Even though, my father was struggling to pay the bills and with whatever money left afterwards for anything else, and all the hard times he had while he was trying to raise a big family. And yet, he could give his family harmony and happiness.

Of course, nothing was perfect in my life.

I recall from those days of when asking my mother for some change to buy a new toy, or some candies, and always she came out with an answer: where do you think your father find
s the money, in the streets? If you want money go in America. There, on the streets of America you can find all the money that you want for your candies.

Naturally, that was her personal way to tell me that we weren't that rich.

Anyhow, my young mind was ready to fantasize every time I heard those words from my mother, with which she was so accustomed to repeat to me, every moment I was asking her for money. In those years, I believed that America was indeed, the right place where to grow up, a place where everybody were rich, and happy.

My dreams come true.

Many years later, my dreams came true. Finally I was living in the United States. And, as a matter of fact, I did really find money on the streets of New York. Of course, the money I had found on those street's floors, were actually lose changes which the people accidentally dropped on those street's pavements. In fact, back in those days the people were so prosperous that they did not bother to pick them up. Nowadays, you will be very lucky to find some pennies on those same streets.

All this to tell you how much prosperity was there, in those years. Sadly to realize today, how much has been lost of all that prosperity. It makes so much bitter, a lot of people.

The dreamed land.

Yeah, I'm still smiling when thinking to my mother while she was mentioning America. She mistakenly believed America was a nation, not a continent. But I knew, that she as many other people when were mentioning America were referring to the States of America.

On those days in my native land, for a lot the people "America" was the dreamed land. America was seen as a place where anyone could find easily a good job, and thus he could earn a lot money. Oh well, anyone could find a job back then, but everyone had to work very hard to make some money.

Nowadays, in the States everybody can still find a job, but if you want to make enough money to live a decent life you better look for more then one job, like two or three jobs, or else you will have to struggle to pay for the bills, and hence survive.

That's how hard America has become for many American families. In fact, today most of the American families are trying to maintain a decorous standard of living, while their incomes
are increasingly diminishing.

All this is happening because of a political economic system (sometime, an economic system notably in favor of who else...of course,
the magnates of the industrial economy of the United States) put in place by the past White House's Presidencies.

All the above to say, how much America has changed since the days it was seen has the dreamed land by many people. Now, the task of the next President of the United States (Barack Obama, or John McCain) he has to revive those dreams of a great America, once again. Whoever will be the next President of the United States, he will hav
e to give back hopes to those American families which had voted him for the promises he has made during his Presidential campaign.

I must say, I have always been skeptical of the promises made from a politician during his campaign election. You may ask the reason of it. The reason of it's, because I came from a nation where honest politicians are not that many.

Now, here in the States that doesn't means I won't find corrupted and self-interested politicians as well, but still I believe in the American political system. What I trust in the American system is, that besides the political system isn't that perfect it still works (of course, when it wants too).

Now, for some laughs watch this video from JibJab:

So lets hope that at last, the next President of the United States (whoever he will be, being Barack Obama, or John McCain) he will give back to the American families once again, "the dreamed land" America was used to be

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