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Kosovo nine years later, and the KLA's legacy.


After the war and the NATO bombing campaign in 1999, the Ethnic Albanians from Kosovo were looking for a full interdependency from the ex-Republic of Yugoslavia (today Republic of Serbia). Finally, in February 2008, the Assembly of Kosovo declared Kosovo's independence as the Republic of Kosovo.

The KLA: Fighters or Terrorists?

After nine years someone can ask: in which hands has the Clinton's administration left the Kosovo?

Are those Albanians in charge today of the newly formed Republic of Kosovo, for the integration and reconciliation of all the ethnic minorities including the Serbs ethnic, or those same Albanians are criminals which are perpetrating criminal acts, to enforce the few Serbs left in Kosovo to flee in desperation.

A campaign of violence has forced 200,000 Serbs from Kosovo to be driven out after being harassed by Albanians. Most of those Albanians have a past as KLA fighters during the Kosovo war, while most of Albanians saw the KLA as legitimate, "freedom fighters" and today there are allegations that the KLA is a Muslim terrorist group with ties to criminal drug networks and al-Qaida.

A subsequent demilitarization and reintegration into civil society for all the KLA fighters, after the war. That's what was suppose to happen, but today this organization has transformed itself in a terrorist and secretive force with acts of abductions and murders of Serbs, and even with the murdering of Albanian political rivals (especially, those belonging to the Rugova's political party) as well toward those Albanians that are trying to denounce their acts of criminality.

After all these years, the few Kosovar Serbs left in the Kosovo region are living in a sort of open imprisonment camps, left at the mercy of ruthless criminals.

The widespread and systematic burning, and looting of entire Serbs neighborhoods combined with harassment and intimidation designed to force them out together with Roma, and other minorities from their homes and communities, in order to prevent them which were living there from hundred of years of being able to go back in their homes.

Also in the retrospective, the destruction of Serbs' Orthodox churches and monasteries, even the most ancient and precious from the 13th century together with their cemeteries being profaned with shovels and picks. In most part of these widespread destructions (in spite of the Kosovo been under the protectorate of NATO and UN forces) elements of the KLA are clearly imputable for many of these crimes.

Meanwhile, the KLA legacy remains powerful within Kosovo, and its former members still playing a major role in the Kosovar politics. They have put in existence, one of the most systematic and ferocious ethnic cleansing that Europe has lived after the second world war, thus destroying the same idea of an multi-ethnic country.

The KLA a group of thugs with the sole intent of further destabilizing the Balkans?

The newly formed Republic of Kosovo, has also been transformed by the KLA's former members in a little Colombia, a NarcoState in the heart of Europe. In fact in these nine years, Kosovo has become the main entrance of all the drug smuggled in Europe. Eighty percent of all the drug product in Afghanistan to get in Europe passes through the Kosovo's valleys, and mountains. The same valleys, and mountains in which the international terrorism of Islamic matrix is getting through.

The enormous wealth accumulated with the traffic of the drug has made the Kosovar/Albanians' mafia clans abroad and in their native land, more powerful. Today, they are even able to corrupt the Kosovar's political parties which today guide the Kosovo, thus throwing an enormous exclamation point on the real democratic nature of the new State.


Here some footnotes:

I'm an Italian living in the United States for over 25 years, but still I keep some contact with my motherland's reality and I know what is going on in Italy and most of the EU countries with all those immigrants getting there from every corner of the world. Most of them are decent hard working people, but unfortunately mixed with them, there are also criminal's elements.

There are a variety of criminal organizations which mostly came from the east Europe. Like Polish criminality, Russia mafia, but worst of all is the Romanian's organized crime which is competing with the local mafias. Furthermore, Europe doesn't lack of Chinese mafia, and African criminality. What more Europeans could ever ask? As if, they haven't enough of their own, already.

Regarding the Albanians: after repetitive waves of Albanian's immigrants came to the Italian shores, the Albanian organized crime has rooted in Europe since with sad results. Drug traffickings and a variety of other criminals activity committed by Albanian's crime organizations have sharply reached new peaks, and by now their criminal activity has been on the minds of many European's law-enforcement officers for quite sometime.

The US by giving power to the Albanians from Kosovo and hoping that many problems will go away from the Balkans, its turning into a dark night's reality for the Europeans.

They will do all they can to turn Kosovo into a jihadist camp in the heart of Europe

Here some more prospect, for a closer look at the Kosovo and the Albanian communities from that part of the world:

Kosovo - Emerging As A Bastion For Radical Islam/ Jihad

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