Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mafia and Camorra, fueled from diseased mental cultures.


This post of mine will be a strong denunciation on the whys and hows of the Camorra, and of the Mafias' existence in the most of the southern parts of Italy, and its continuation into the United States and other parts of the world as well.

Some Neapolitans and Sicilians get along very well, even here in the US. The reason of it? Culturally, a part of their societies share the same mentality and historical heritage. An heritage (produced by long centuries of invasions) of "l'arte di arrangiarsi" (in English: art to manage), and mentality of "arraffamento" (get the hands in whatever don't belongs to them).

In fact, inside of each of these two Southern Italian regions: the Campania and Sicily regions (and other Southern regions too) exist two separated identities. One identity is: an uncultured and underachieved part of the population which feeds in the culture of the, "sopraffazione" (to violently overwhelm a weak individual) and ignorance (an almost complete lack of schooling). The other identity is: the rest of the sane society which believes in honesty and hard working.

Unfortunately, a good part of those sane societies are most of the times undermined by the uncultured and underachieved ones.

Now, a big role on these uncultured and underachieved parts in those two Italian southern societies are played by some women.

These women are referred sometimes as, "marascialle" in those societies. In those southern Italian regions, the marascialle are women with strong tempers which debatable principles are based as I said: on the uncultured and underachieved mentalities from those southern cultures, and that their only way to sometimes refine their meaningless lives is, to show how though and how respected they are.

On some occasions, these women/marescialle: mothers, wives, and daughters can even be compared to the, "matrone" (in English: matrons-Matron comes from the Latin matrona-In the ancient Roman society, the matron was the mother, dignified and respectable, responsible for the proper maintenance of the house and raising children).

These women especially when they are mothers, feel very proud when their sons are feared by the rest of the neighborhoods where they live, or when they brag about their husbands, brothers, uncles, or whatever relatives that are involved, or are part of a mafia organization.

For them (the mothers/marescialle) been related anyways they can, to the mafia's concept it's more like of a badge of honor, a way to be recognized and respected as successful women inside those society.

But the truth is that these mothers are the main reason for an uncultured and underachieved mentality still being the breeding ground for the Mafia and the Camorra, in those southern parts of Italy.

Worst of all, these same mothers will become sometimes, women of the mafia, or boss women of the mafia.

Because of these mothers, their sons will perpetuate the hideous concepts of honorableness and respectability (mostly based on their mobster-like attitudes) by being the future fueling sources of all the mafias crime organizations in the Southern Italy.

Without these, "dishonorable mothers" most probably the lymph (meaning their sons, and sometime even their daughters) which feeds the mafia organizations, will dry out.

That's why, I would like to stick the appellative of "marescialla" to those women: mothers, wives, and daughters of the mafiosi. Those same women which you'll see on the streets while they are protesting violently the innocence of their men when the police forces catch them.

Regrettably, I had an aunt which was a, "marescialla". She was (on his view) a though woman living in a though neighborhood of a Sicilian city. In the same time, she was very proud to have had a son (I'm talking in the past tense because she is not longer dwelling this world) who was a though guy living at the margin of that same society.

And now, I'm going to write something which I hope I won't regret it in the coming future. This aunt of mine was for a brief moment, a courier of the Mafia. She carried in a couple of trips some cocaine packages into a city of the United States, indeed. And (unfortunately) she was never caught.

When I found out about it, it was too late. I don't know, but probably in spite of my mother grief at that time, I would have denounced her even if anonymously.

She represented to me anything that I deeply hated and despised about a certain Sicilian's mentality. A mentality that rules, fuels, and perpetuates the Mafia existence till these days.

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Anonymous said...

Are there any tattoos or symbols used by the Camorra

Red.eVolution said...

Sorry to answer you this late, but I was trying to finish a new article.

Of course the Camorra's members are using tattoos, but I don't believe that the, "camorristi" of today are giving any real meanings to their tattoos, or at least not the same meanings that camorristi from the past were used to give to their tattoos.

At the contrary, some Mafia's members are using symbols and tattoos, to prove that they are belongings to a clan, or for the simple fact of proving that they are honorable men.

Thanks for asking,

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