Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama, McCain: "Changes are coming".


These two Presidential contenders, will be judged by the American people by the promises for changes they have made during the entire campaign.

Change comes to Washington.

- Barack Obama


Change is coming.

- John McCain

Change is the most symbolic word used in this American election by both the presidential candidates, but each of them gives a different meaning to it.

hile McCain had announced that he won't bring back the troops from Iraq, until won't be enough security inside that martyrized country to be eventually stabilized. In the other hand, Obama has been contrary to the war since its beginning, and in this campaign he has promised to withdrawn the American troops within 15 months. Also, Obama and McCain are both promising major changes into the health care system.

But I do believe that will be on the American economy, where the real battle for the American Presidency will be won. The American's middle-classes are afraid to become poorer in this time of recession. And that's why, this Presidential election is very important to them. Not doubt about it.

Cuts on taxes for all! That's what McCain promises. Instead, Obama promises cuts on taxes only for the middle-classes, and only for those with yearly earnings of less than $250,000.

Consequently to a rampant economics's crisis, a looming tomorrow is coming which will hit very hard the American families. These promised changes in the very end, will be measured and judged from the American electors. The same electors that will be looking at their wallets, and the overall conditions of their lives while they'll be making an electoral decision at the ballots.


Barack Obama promising a piece of the American dream.

Obama in the daily show with Jon Stewart.

Obama 30-minutes infomercial-Part1 1/3.

Obama 30-minutes infomercial-Part2 2/3.

Obama 30-minutes infomercial-Part3 3/3.

As the 2008 campaign enters its final weekend, it is quite obvious (without counting the, Bradley effect) that there is already a preferential nominee, selected by the majority of the American voters.

I have heard, or read a lots of nonsensical comments about Obama: of being a Muslim, or of being a socialist, and even worst things... But the only thing that I'm concern with him as President is: maybe he's too young for running this country as President. Right now, nothing else of him worries me. Even so, I do believe he will do a fine job if he's elected.

Barack Obama on his last infomercial on Wednesday night, has promised a piece of America dream to each American family, if he'll be elected for the Presidency of the United States. Hopefully, he will!

Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure if the United States are ready for an American black President. If in this coming election, the American people will finally decide to vote for Barack Obama as their 44th president, I'll be afraid for his safety. The American corporate media do not talk much these days about the possibilities for assassination attempts on Barack Obama's life, but the sad truth is: there are enough nutcases around that are ready to blow his head off.


I do not usually blog on politics, but this time because of the nature of this election, I had to put my two cents on this matter. This election will probably effect every American citizen, for a long term. And in all probability, it will have some effects on my own family too. That's why, I have decided to write about the American families concerns, regarding this coming election.

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