Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A new era? Obama's era.


For the first time in the history of the United States, a black President was elected. Barack Hussein Obama will be indeed, the next tenant of the White House.

I was really amazed, in how much America has changed. A couple years ago was inconceivable that a black American could ever be elected at this high national levels. And now, everything seems possible. A brave new world, that's what it is!

During this election, I got the impression that to the world rather than an American president a global leader was elected. It was more or less, like if the entire world was waiting for an announced Messiah, which would have led the entire planet to an improbable new era.

Not to be cynical, but now what with this newly elected President? All the tribulations of the American people will be ending soon?

The euphoria sparked by this new President, has somehow, given to many American citizens renewed hopes which were been broken by promises not kept. And now, perhaps the people of the United States are expecting a little too much from him...

Honestly, I do believe that the honeymoon with Obama and the people that voted him with such profound convictions will soon be over, once he will have to make some really tough decisions on some very important national matters. My isn't just a skeptical attitude, but a constatation based on the history of humanity and some personal experiences.

Right now the United States are in a recession, but how deep this recession is? Only in the next months we will found out how much, the American economy has really receded from its actual general state.

Yes we can.

Those exciting words are still echoing in my ears. In truth, this is the worst time for a new President to be elected. Barack Obama will have a very hard time to lead the American nation out the winds of recession. A recession second only to the 1929, Great Depression (also known as the, "Black Tuesday").

What it takes, to put on track a nation rattled with a skyrocketing unemployment rates?

Not party ideologies, but pragmatic politics with alongside a new philosophy. A bipartisan attitude by both democratic and republican parties to overcome difficult times laid ahead.

That's what will put the economy of the United States on track once again. And that is why, that Obama as the United States President seems to be, the most likely to drive a new American political system out of its own malaise.

In Obama is now reincarnated the idea of a new America?

Obama during his acceptance speech, has promised that the next four years of his Presidency won't be nothing like the last eight years, and he believes through his leadership, that the American nation would benefit from it.

Will he become a great leader, or will he fail? It's hard to tell now. He will have to manage many challenges, and none of them have easy solutions.

First in Obama's political agenda is, to stabilize a faltering economy. And later, to move forward to a new more prosperous era. Besides the urgency of a severe crisis, I don't forget that there is more on Obama's worries list: two wars fought in Afghanistan, and Iraq. And that's not all!

Not being anymore dependent on foreign oil, but to find new ways for renewable resources is one more worry. Another not less worrisome priority for Obama is, the global warming trend in our planet.

Of course, there are many other issues of great importance in which he will have to deal with. One of these is the Healthcare. He will have to sort out a better health system, for the American citizens.

Not doubt about it, Obama's charisma as leader will be severely tested during his Presidency. For the good of the people of the United States, I personally wish him all the luck he may need to run a country in such difficult moments.

God bless America.



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murena52003 said...

It's difficult to understand what influences people's choice during the elections. Perhaps, they are hoping for some great changes from Obama.

Red.eVolution said...

Dear murena52003, you are answering your same question. Of course hopes. Hopes for a better future.

That's what Obama's influence is given to the people. A new America which cares more of the common people well-being and not at the good of the big American corporations.

The real question here is: will the Presidency of Obama meet the people expectations, or in the long run his administration will be like all the previous one?

More broken promises to the great American dream!

P.S. Starting from now, I will not be able to check on my blog for a couple days. Because I will be busy on upgrading my old PC.


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