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Roberto Saviano and the other Mafia.


Francesco Pischetola / AFP/Getty Images
(In the center of the picture is Roberto Saviano: the author of 'Gomorrah' the book, while he's escorted by policemen and bodyguards.)

One day while I was having a rather animated conversation with friends of mine, on the matter of the Mafia and Camorra's criminal activities. At the conclusion of it, I came to realize that the Camorra compared to the Mafia was all by itself, a different kind of beast.

While less famous than its Sicilian counterpart, progressively the Camorra is getting more powerful and notoriety, than the Mafia.

The reason of it?

The Camorra is of a more bloody thirsty animal than the Mafia itself.

The Mafia in its own way has (or at least had it), a code of honor. The "mafiusi" were bound to this code, and if they didn't respected this unwritten code, then they were likely to be severally punished. And the penalty was of course, death. This unwritten code was: to never kill young people, women, or priests.

And even though wasn't in their code of honor, they tried very hard to not kill any police officer, for the obvious reason that if they did kill one of them, afterwards the knew, that the all police system were highly motivated to catch the police officer's assassins.

The Camorra has none of those codes. When the Camorra is in pursue of money and power doesn't respect anyone, it is more brutal and merciless than the Sicilian Mafia.

By now, I have seen every other day in the news of the Italian TVs, how true is it!

The Camorristi had killed, maimed, and punished in the streets of Naples, youngsters, women, and any other innocent standby, indiscriminately.

In comparison the Mafia tried to conceal anyways they could their bloody busyness. Indeed, the Mafia is more of a secret criminal society which likes to keep their filthy affairs very obscured.

In the other hand, the Camorra doesn't care much of hiding it!

Among Mafia, Ndrangheta, Stidda (that's just for naming a few of the many souther Italian criminal organizations), and now the Camorra which are trying to cannibalize whatever of productive, good, and honest are left in the southern regions of the Italian's societies by keeping those same societies, in a terrifying stranglehold of fears and retaliations.

Roberto Saviano: who is this guy?

Roberto Saviano is a regular guy, who had the guts to write the "Gamorra's book" (in English: Gomorrah) a "non-fiction novel" about the Neapolitan mafia, the Camorra, to denounce its undermining on a society efforts for a better future.

After Saviano published his book, he had to be relocated from Naples and given 24-hour armed police protection.

Recently Saviano was in Los Angeles (California), for the presentation of the movie, Gamorrah (which by the way, it has a chance to win an Oscar). During this visit, he had a brief interview with an American journalist which asked him if was regretting to had written the book, Gomorrah.

Roberto Saviano's Gomorrah trailer:

Roberto Saviano had answered to the journalist that he wasn't regretting to had written it, but his life had changed a lot since he did write the book.

In an other interview with an Italian newspaper he said: "Right now I don't see why I should keep living like this, as a prisoner of myself, my book, my success. I want a life, that's all," he told La Repubblica.

A police informer reportedly told police that the Camorra planned to kill Saviano, "before Christmas".

Right now, he needs a round-the-clock protection because hes life was threaten by the, "Casalesi" to be ended by the end of this year.

The Casalesi are the most sanguinary of all the
Neapolitan's Camorra clans.

Even tough, I never wrote any book about Mafia (maybe in a far future I will - I never know ), a part of my life was for sometime in the same position in which he's right now.

I admire his choice of writing that book, and the courage to stand for what he believes. To the contrary of what he did, I simple left my Sicily when I came to realize that I couldn't take anymore.....
In those moments, I was so deeply disgusted and discouraged that nothing would be ever changed, that I had resorted to simply given up on my dreams and leave my Sicily for good.....

Takes a lot courage to fight the Mafia, particularly when standing alone.

I personally know both reality: the Sicilian realities, because I lived for a long time
there, and the Neapolitan reality, because I was there many times and I had a lot of Neapolitan friends.

Saviano has right now a lot support, but I don't believe that would be it enough to prevent his life to be prematurely terminated. I wish him luck, a lot of luck. Because, he's going to really need it.


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