Friday, January 9, 2009

Apocalypse versus the final apocalypse.


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

I've been trying to analyze how the world could end within hypothetical apocalyptic scenarios, and I came to realize that in reality there are two kinds of apocalypses.

As the title of this post states, "Apocalypse versus the final apocalypse" what I really meant with it? I try to explain with some examples: first off, the simple (if I can really call it simple) apocalyptic scenario is when a man-made catastrophe such as a nuclear war between let me say India and Pakistan, or between Israel and Iran.

Of course, a nuclear war between any of the above mentioned rivals, will be a doomsday scenario by itself. But still, it will be a partial apocalypse for humanity.

How so?

Even when the participants of this (I'm afraid not so much...) hypothetical nuclear war will suffer with millions of deaths, and will it in the end be the total destruction of their nations, and consequentially with the rest of the world suffering from the nuclear fallout. Yet, it won't be a real Apocalypse but a partial one.

This is a nightmarish disaster for humanity which I firmly believe will happen someday, and unfortunately it is unavoidable. This is the apocalypse, or as I put it: a simple apocalypse. The aftermaths of it will be a slow and painful recovery for humanity.

You see, only when humanity will realize to be on the brink of disaster such as a limited nuclear war, then humanity will react to it. Still as I mentioned, there will be a recovery for humanity from a partial doomsday scenario, or as I was saying before from a simple apocalyptic scenario.

What about the, "final apocalypse"?

There isn't much explanatory to it. As the word, "final" implies it is final, no chances of survival for humanity but the end!

Of course, this kind of apocalypse will never happen....because of a total nuclear war, but there is an other kind of final apocalypse which is been dictated by humanity, and this other one is happening right now under our own eyes.

The difference of this other, "final apocalypse" is that it is slow, very slow, so slow that to be perceive it, we need to pay a close attention to it. We are so much busy with our lives that we are failing to pay any attention to it. That's why most of us fail to recognize it as an apocalyptic event!

What is it?

It is our world being slowly poisoned by our sewage and garbage dumped in lands and seas, it is our skies been polluted with poisoning gases, it is our trees been corroded by acid rain, it is the fishes been depleted from the oceans, it is all the animals wiped out from earth's surface.

That's what it is!

We are slowly contaminating our own world and with it sentencing our own survival. I'm afraid this is our, "final apocalypse".

Why so?

Because we are wasting time in useless debates while the clock is ticking away the time we have left to our, "final apocalypse".

There are too much political debates and very little actions to a very urgent situation. That's what we are doing right now! Wasting time, while the, "final doomsday" is approaching very fast!

Unfortunately in this instance, there isn't a wake up call before the real disaster hits home, or as I was saying before regarding the limited nuclear war, a simple apocalypse (a big disaster in which humanity would still be able to recover from) which could shake us all from our torpid sleeps, but this time it will be...the final one.


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