Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Points of divergence from a non Arab/Jew - The Gaza conflict.


I'm not siding for the Palestinians and neither the Israelis' cause. I don't personally know the reality in which today these people are living in, and besides I do not have a very good knowledge of the true history of that part of the world.

For me, it's very hard to come up with a personal opinion on the Israelis/Palestinians conflict, and because of what I know which I learned from history's books and news medias, that could easily been manipulated by politics' agendas, to give us the recipients, a partial truth of what is really going on in that part of the world.

What I do have here are some questions:

I know that the Jews were exiled from Palestine (what is now Israel) and scattered worldwide after a series of historic events, and that they, the Jewish people lost their native land for nearly two millennium!

Israel is a nation which was created by the Jews when they took forcibly the lands belonging to the indigenous people.

After WWII, many Jews from different nationality's backgrounds (because of the feelings of guilt from some European nations regarding the Jewish's Holocaust) were allowed to resettle in Palestine. Afterward, the Jewish settlers claimed a pretentious “divine right” on the Palestinian land, and after sequential steps the Jews declared the Jewish "Nation" of Israel in 1948.

Now, it's well known that in ancient times the Jews inhabited Palestine, but in my humble opinion the lost their natural rights once they were expelled from Palestine, for over two thousand years. They can't pretend after two millennium to go back and because of some, "divine right" ask their land to be returned. Could they?

When the Jewish settlers went back in Palestine, didn't they know that already were people living in it, or they thought that Palestine was a deserted land just waiting to be taken?

They say (the Jews) that the Palestinians have no right to that land, because they are not the original inhabitants, but frankly after two thousand years they have all the rights to be called the owners of that land. In short: the Jewish people after so many years lost the ownership of that land, and doesn't count any fanciful divine right. Am I wrong?

Unfortunately for the Palestinians, it is too late to recriminate on the creation of the Jewish state. The Palestinians have to deal with it, not with bombs but dialog, because the Israel nation isn't going to vanish, it is here to stay!

Even though I must confess, I do have an other terrible thought on the Jews real intentions regarding the Palestinians' fate, and it is the justification they are seeking to erase the Palestinian people from earth's face when they are declaring terrorists most of the Palestinian fighters.

Today according to some news medias, the action taken by the Israeli military in response to the rocket attacks inside the Israeli's borders by the Hamas movement as been too disproportioned. Even in this recent Israeli-Palestine's crisis is very hard for me to give a personal opinion! In one hand, I do believe that Israel has the right to defend itself, but in the other hand (as some news medias have reported) I do believe Israel has overstepped that right.

Some time, I do get the impression that to some news medias it's more important to report and emphasize the few Jewish casualties of this war than the thousands of Palestinian casualties.

Of course, I can be completely wrong in any of the above thoughts...My are personal opinions of the current Middle East crisis, and they don't pretend to be anything else.

In conclusion, will this Middle East's mess ever stop?

I'm sure about one thing in all this Middle East's mess, and it is that this Palestinian/Israeli's war has been going on for over fifty years, and sadly it will continue for an other fifty years. The real victims of this prolonged Israeli-Palestine's war are the innocents of both side, and with them in the end I will side.


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