Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Saying goodbye to Bush and hello to Obama.


For most of the American people wasn't enough to put Bush above the mediocrity, even when they were remembering him standing on the ruins of ground zero after the 9/11 terrorist attack while with the help of a megaphone he was promising to punish the responsible for that horrible attack.

And neither wasn't enough for the American people when they were listening to his final radio address as president when he took the merit by saying: America has spent seven years after 9/11 without an other major terrorist attack on its soil.

What really disappointed me was: how in the hell the American constituency got the second time so wrong and decided to reelect him after his first mandate.

First of all, what got the U.S. into Iraq?

Did President Bush took this nation to an unwanted war with Iraq and ultimately discredited the Americans' credibility in the eyes of the entire world.

Historians will debate over who did more damage to the country, or even over who had more of a predilection for hiring political cronies whose tendencies were more self-centered rather than leaning toward the interests of an entire nation.

Let’s also not forget, the collapsing of our economy under the last half of Bush’s Presidential mandate. Under his administration, we oversaw the crumbling of the dollar through the Federal Reserve.

And also I can't forget, when I was listening to him while he was deceiving the American people, particularly when he was asserting that the United States' economy wasn't in a economic slump, or I better call it with its real name, "recession". He admitted these facts only after they happened, long after the social working classes were feeling the pain at home.

Eight years of a George W. Bush's disastrous administration is finally over.
For Bush what was left during his departures from the American Presidency (which by the way, it was marked by a low approval rating), was an exit from the scene without glory.

President Bush Makes Farewell Address to the Nation - Part 1

President Bush Makes Farewell Address to the Nation - Part 2


As an epoch ends a new era begins.....

.....Obama's era.

Today, the American people is among serious economical worries and high expectations for a renewed Presidency. This new President, "Barack Obama" used his inaugural address to pledge a "new era of responsibility".

Following a brief summary of Obama's first address to the nation and the world at the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. after his sworn in as our nation's 44th president.

Obama to the Americans: starting from today, we must remake the United States. -The time of easy choices is gone, it's needed to roll up our sleeves. -Everywhere we look we'll see there is work to be done. -This economic crisis requires a rapid and bold action.

Obama to the world: we gather here today, because we have chosen the hope over the fear, and unity of intents over conflict. -We must end the false promises and recriminations from worn out dogmas which had strangled our politics. -We all deserve the same opportunities and to realize our own happiness.

Obama to the Muslim world: the terrorism is in the wrong part of the history. We'll not lose. America can get to a new age of peace and of hope. -We will leave Iraq to its own people. -We'll look in Afghanistan for a peace difficult to obtain. -To the Muslim world I say mutual respect. Your people will judge you for what you will be able to build, and not for what you will destroy.

Obama to himself: only the virtue could survive the difficulty. Our memory is important.

President Barack Obama 2009 Inauguration and Address

=== The world has changed we must change with it. ===

Now that the pageantry is over what will be waiting for Obama and his administration is, to give back a much needed self-confidence to the American people.Signature


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