Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lost and confused.


A personal view on the TV series, "Lost".

I've been watching the TV series, "Lost" and I must admit that I don't like to watch TV series because of their lengths. While I've been watching, "Lost" I've found myself battling with my intelligence while I was trying to make sense of the entire series, and I bet many of you were and are in the same mental confusion in which I've found myself while watching it.

Nevertheless, I still like to watch Lost. And yet, I haven't got any idea how the all series will end up after the six years will come to the conclusion.

The authors of Lost, I frankly believe, will have a very hard time to find a decent and believable ending to this fictional story of survivors from a plane crashed into a mysterious and remote island.

Lost, gives to me the impression of a mix and match of ingredients. Ingredients which are ranging from love stories, to alien stories, and horror stories, science fiction stories, supernatural stories, and etc, etc, and the all was created by the minds of very mentally sick and confused men.

In fact, they should had named this TV series not just to, "Lost" but to, "Lost and confused". Each 1/2 episodes is a story apart from the rest of the main story without a real ending to each of them. In truth, the all Lost's story is a continuous and tortuous tantalizing story without apparently, much of a correlation between each of the single episodes.

In an attempt from the writers of this fictional TV movie, to span the entire complex and cryptic story in a six year seasons, this TV movie based at the start on a simple idea of a bunch of people surviving from a plane crash in a remote island is turned into a mixture of confusing and of course not always logically related mini-stories, to the main story of these people lost in that island which are all bent to find a way back to their homes.

And when they (at least some of the characters) do find their way back to their homes, they are damned (see the last episodes) to go back to the island.

You see, they are damned if they stay in that mysterious tropical island, and they are also damned if they leave from that island.

What a mess of story is that!

But still, I'll be waiting for the end of the story. How the all mess will end up? If, the authors of this fantastic and confusing story will be able to give us a decent and credible ending as they have promised, I will be the first one to applaud them, but I am really skeptical about it.


Because I believe, the ending of Lost will be as the the entire TV's Lost series. It will leave us more confused and perplexed as the entire Lost's series, still looking to find some answers to the many puzzles that this TV movie will leave behind after it will be over.

Maybe, that's what would bring the real success to this tediously protracted story, a trail of bewilderments and mysteries which will be left behind it without much of an explanatory on them.

After all that's the real nature of humanity, always ready to be amazed by something strange and surprising, and in the end we'll be quite happy. Even though, we'll be left without much of an explanation to something that much incomprehensible. That's us, that's humanity...alleluia.

Now, what has to do this post with my blog?

Nothing, or maybe all.

You see, I feel to be in the same situation of the authors from the TV series Lost. I started it, and now I don't know where to go from there, or what to do with it! I'm totally lost and confused, for the moment. I hope, I'll find my way out of all this messy situation.

Maybe I'll keep writing unrelated posts for this blog, even in the coming years. Or, I'll get all of a sudden tire of it and stop all together. Quite frankly right now, I don't really know what to do with it.

What I know for the moment is that I'll try to keep posting, even though, I don't really know what I'll be posting about, or if I'll be respecting the cadence of my postings anymore.

That's all folks, and thanks for your patience.


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