Friday, February 27, 2009

To have the right to die in peace and dignity. - The sad story of Eluana Englaro.


Since 1992, following a car accident, Eluana Englaro was living in a vegetative state thanks to the artificial life support that was given to her. For years the father of this unfortunate girl, Beppino Englaro, fought the Italian legal system in order to interrupt the forced feeding of his beloved daughter.

Now, the case of Eluana Englaro has been carried out: after a long legal battle, in fact, the civil court of appeal of Milan has authorized the father, to interrupt the treatment of forced feeding and hydrating, till the death of the women.

After 17th years of deep coma and the following of therapeutic enforcements, Eluana Englaro was continuously imposed to live an undignified existence. Can we say, this is a kind of life that is worth the pain to live with?


Why keep torturing her? Because that's what it was! Indeed, that's what the doctors had been doing for the past 17th years, after they put the than 20 years young, Eluana Englaro, inside a life support machine. A forceful feeding through the help of a cannula to keep her in life, when there was no chances of recovery and no chances of a life normalcy, following the 1992, tragic event of the car accident.

That's the real sin!!!

She should have been taken off life support at the request of her family, and not to be debated outside the family circle, or at least should have been given them support for their final decision by competent support groups, and not to obstinately hindering their personal decision by outsiders on this delicate matter.

Some attitudes coming from politicians, the common people, and the church itself are for me morally reprehensible. There are certain limits to the human condition, and when those limits are by far exceeded, by forcefully injecting chemicals into a consumed body to keep it breathing even when there aren't anymore signs of an human being dwelling in it, (that's the real sin for me) and thus life becomes unbearable and unworthy to live anymore, then let the people close to the victims (as in the case of this sad story) make the right decisions.

No politicians, no church, no common people, but the circle of friends and relatives close to the victim. I frankly believe, nobody else is entitle to make a choice of life or death on a critically ill patient, but the beloved ones.

This is my personal opinion! But then, anyone is entitle of a personal opinion.

What's yours?

Eluana Englaro: may she finally rest in peace.

This is an article of mine which I have been thinking for quite sometime to post it here, but because of the seriousness of the case I have decided to delay it.


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