Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Islamic culture degeneracy and social dis-cohesion (part I)


While the world is sleeping, a silent and danger peril is slowly sneaking up on our morals and beliefs.... A forthcoming threatening future isn't that hard to envision in our minds anymore!!! Shutting down our hears wouldn't avoid us the perceiving of those ominous noises (coming from a savage bunch of hollering Islamic supporters) of arriving from the background to us, and either closing our eyes wouldn't make those indigestible pictures (of indiscriminating terrorist's bombings on innocents), to magically disappear from our consciences.

Ignoring this problem wouldn't be sufficient to make it cease to exist in our nightmares, or to avoid all together the danger of cultural suicides due to Islamized societies where Sharia's courts will humiliate human dignities by just the limiting of the basic liberties! We don't want in our societies, a bunch of fanatic savages ready to burn and kill over a cartoon, or the murdering of their sisters because they've shamed their family! Do we?

And now we all, are well aware to the need of waking up without delay to this threatening dogma before it is too late.

What it's Islam?

Islam is: an oppressing religion, a tool for the subservience of women, a culture degeneracy, a community dis-cohesiveness and more, much more of negativity.

What isn't Islam?

Islam isn't: a religion of peace, a harmonizing factor for societies, a highlighted ideology, or anything else of positively influential to modern societies.


Of course, behind a Muslim's label lays a human being in flesh and blood. But when this same human being is under the curse of a a malefic force such as Islam, and this human being is forced to extremism from the worst of fanaticism ever lived in human's history, well, what we'll get is a mindless zombie that is ready to sacrifice himself and the lives of innocents in the name of this deceiving religion of peace.

Avoiding the path of cultural suicide.

We wouldn't want a gang of savage Islamic extremists roaming tirelessly our streets, in search for sinners to be punished under unmerciful Sharia's laws. Or worst, to witness the burnings and killings over a Danish cartoon! Wouldn't we? Nevertheless we wouldn't accept in our beloved nations, the murdering of their own sisters because they've shamed their families!

And now, after years of experiencing the, "Islamic's effect" in our modern societies, we, the decent people, the people that believe in free speech and in the principles of democracy couldn't take it any longer. We've had enough of it!

Next: Islamic culture degeneracy and social dis-cohesion (part II)


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