Thursday, December 10, 2009

Islamic culture degeneracy and social dis-cohesion (part II)


These days already, I have read enough of incoherent and illogical reasonings from would-be journalists preying into Europeans' fears of Islam, for their filthy personal gains. These misleading reporters of truth, had once again plunged into the last story of anti-Islamic manifestation by distorting and twisting it, as they like it.

The Swiss minaret ban.

The Islam-intolerance marked by these so called, "journalists" in their personal articles aren't just exploiting the causes and effects of the fears deriving from European populaces been infected by a demoniac visionary theorization for all humanity, but (with the exclusions of a few) they've continuously (and I even dare to say) intentionally, blamed only one side with constant criticism of Islamophobia. The dislike of Islam is well-founded in Western countries, and they've been far too tolerant of Muslim extremism and intimidation.

Are the irrational and intrinsic fear of Islam have struck once again in Europe's heart?

And now that some European nation's citizens, are trying to stand up at this demoniac force by not been hushed anymore by the fears of been instantly labeled Islamophobics (and as usually occurs in these kind of events), them, these European's citizens have been also, unceasingly criticized (besides from the cheap journalisms) by political correctness and apologetics of this false doctrine of peace.

The outlawing minarets' law in Switzerland has (maybe) helped in galvanizing anti-Islamic movements in act these days all over Europe, and in the same time this law has made myself wondering on: what will come next?

Minarets, along with women's veils, Sharia's courts and the fear of homegrown terroristic cells, aren't all dominant symbols of a benevolent (not so much hypothetical) Islamism advancing in Europe but the advancing guard of an evil empire ready to strike at the core of dying civilizations.

The minaret is another symbol of a political and Islamic aggressiveness toward Westerner nations, and now that Europeans are trying to safeguard their own cultures from been polluted by a pretentious and deranged religion... and these apostasies of the truth are rejecting what for centuries Europeans had fought for, "Democracy and Freedom".

On a personal note:

the growing of Islamophobia in the West isn't to be squarely blamed on the Westerners but on those Muslims which wouldn't adjust and assimilate to a better world by leaving theirs behind.

Nowadays however, if Western societies will act toward Islam according their consciences and moralities, they, these Western societies will soon be overrun by a bunch of possessed Islamists asking them to submit their believes and free minds, to their bloody God. Is this what we all really want? Go back into medieval times! If we act according to what is right and wrong, soon, very soon we will!

Islamic extension on European continent, isn't a conundrum for European's politicians to deal at easy with political's appeasements, but with swift and harsh political actions now rather than later, when it will obviously be too late to fix it! For sure, if we keep ourselves in this same route of ignoring this increasing problem with inactions, we are procrastinating our fates to a certain future of perennial darkness.

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