Saturday, January 30, 2010

Me, myself, and my blogging/mania


After some moments of rethinking on my blogging/mania, I was (once again) on the verge to give it up!


Yes, why the heck I started in the first place it? I'm still wondering about why I began blogging. I guess out of boredom! That's what I thought at first, but in a second thought wasn't there any real answer to this my preponderant personal dilemma.

Frankly, I didn't know nothing about blogs when I started it, and yet if I can say it, till these days I don't know much about blogging. I'm very conscious about the many mistakes I've made on my blog, and still I wasn't able to fix them! Why? First of all, I knew I had to find a single topic which could have made writing posts much easier on myself, but I couldn't decide on which topic to settle on for my writing-appetite, so that I kept blogging away without much consideration on visitors coming to my blog!

At some point, I had decided to fix this my own mistake by creating the, "Topic by categories" hoping that guess visitors would have found an easier way to navigate my blog. But, I guess that solution hasn't worked wonders!

Last answer to my problem was, for me to create a new blog with a simpler layout and most important a single topic. Indeed, I was working for some time in a new blog, but at some point I went back to my old blog and I thought to all the time I had invested on it. In fact, in that particular moment I felt like I was abandoning a my own child, and that's when, I realized that I could not gave it up on my first blog at all.

Been the enemy of myself

Of course, if I wanted to keep it running I had to change something about it. Not changing the blog's layout (too much work), but at least give a more clear direction in what I was going to blog about. You know, a single topic which could have kept visitors coming back for more on the same subject and don't get confused on my writing-wandering by changing topic regularly. And that's when I started to feel like I was being the enemy of myself. I knew what I had to do but I wasn't able to do it, because of my own inability to settle for a single subject to write about. I was well aware at the way I was mentally beating up on myself, for something that once I thought to be a foolish thing just wasting my time!

I was once more struggling with myself while I was deciding toward what direction I should have moved my blog, you know, give a specific goal to its own existence. One day, I asked myself what the word, "blog" really meant and subsequently to my question I gave a simple answer.

Blogging for many bloggers could mean many things, but at some point I did realize that I couldn't compare or even come close to one of those big name bloggers from the blogopshere which are specialized in a particular niche, so that I had to move toward something simpler where I wasn't compelled to compete with. A knew right then, I had to redefine/strategize a new conception for my blog. Like the creation of a daily journal of my life where I could be able to space everywhere I wanted, without much limitations of a topic. A simpler weblog not devoted to any topic, but a kind of personal written log of daily events and thoughts.

Indeed, why couldn't my blog been a simple dairy without a real topic in which talk about. You know, like a personal online diaries. The one you write about your daily life, your daily doubts, your daily emotions on personal matters... and why not, even on worldwide events that hit our own moral senses.

So that for the moment, my personal little dilemma it is solved. I will make my blog a personal dairy, and with a possibility that in time I will change my own blog layout... and possibly its own name. And maybe, maybe I will decide in a remote future to create a new blog, and who knows... maybe even a real website (just a wishing thought of mine).

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.

Wish me luck...Signature


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Yellamah RD said...

I can understand what u feel. I have a blog and I have an interest to write but neither to I get time to pursue my interests nor do I get an idea of what to write in my blog. It is kind of still greek & latin to me. :(

Red.eVolution said...

Thanks Yellamah RD, for your kind comment

In my specific, I do get some ideas on what to blog about. You see, my main problem is that I can't decide for a single topic to write about to avoid the lost of regular readers, but I keep blogging and babbling on any topics I feel like to. Big mistake! Very big mistake for bloggers who want to succeed in this competing business.

I know I should keep my mind focused on a single topic and not allowed it to drift off the main subject, but that's the way I am, "a permanent undecided blogger" hoping to change his bad habit.

By the way Yellamah, maybe you just gave me an idea about my blog's name! Should I change my blog's name from, "Red.eVolution - My Window In The World" to, "Red.eVolution - The undecided blogger"? It sounds a bit catchy for a blog's name! What do you think about it? Please let me know...

P.S. I wish you luck with your own blog. I know that in time you'll find the right inspiration to start writting for it.

Best luck,

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