Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Is our world in crisis?


The world is changing in a rapid pace, not just for global warming,
but also for other significant impacts like, the human activity in the world environment,
the biodiversity, agriculture and the water cycle.
The world resources has been greatly pillaged like, there was an infinite availability for,
the ever increasing human populations.
Big decisions awaits for humanity in the near future for these big changes.
About 6.3 billions of humans population living right now in the world,
in the 2020 the previsions are of 8,2 billions of humans populations increase.
Where we, find more food and water for all this humanity.

Is the amazonian forest disappearing?

The amazonian forest, one of the major earth system lung it's disappearing at a rapid pace.
The Brazilian congress was voting recently for a project law,
in which could reduce the amazonian forest of about 50% of it's actual size.
The 50% amazonian reduction represent more than 4 times the size of Portugal.
You can see from the above, splendid and in the same time terrifying picture also,
that the amazonian forest it's burning.
The clouds "monoxide of carbonic" from the burning forest traveling through the oceans,
and finally, after 13th miles reaching the Australian continent.

Are humanity at risk of extinction?

Are we at risk of extinctions?
Yes I do believe so, we don't see it because we are, so much blinded by our ever increasing greed for more goods to consume that we,
don't give a damn about our surrounding environment.
If we, don't find a right balance with mother earth for, our ever increasing needs we are, procrastinating our future to a complete human race extinction.
My it's not a pessimistic view of this world just a reality check,
like many other peoples, trying to sound a warning bell before time runs out...

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