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Immigrants assimilation in the United States/Europe contest.

Honor Killings

post is related to comments I made in an Italian blog regarding Hina Saleem murder.
I thought was really interesting that, afterward I decided to post it here (of course after traducting it).
You can see the original version here: >>> http://blog.terrorpilot.com/


"Hina, one of us."
Red wrote:
1 December 2007 ore 21:25

It's shocking this news that arrives from Italy, for me that I've been living in the States for over twenty years, how much little value still can have human life, especially female ones, in those muslim countries where familiar honor counts more of a daughter who, rebels to the hard rules of the Islam...
Even though in our not much remote past, may happend similar things, this doesn't means to remove anything from the gravity over the fact.
Any crime similar to this one, due to a person of this or that religion isn't that importan, we don't need comparisons, with similar cases present or past, all are to be condemned.
Regarding the news media, they do their job, even though some time they emphasize too much in a specific case.
Here in America, that i know, I've not seen similar cases such those happening in all Europe.
Now where is the difference among those imigrants arriving in Europe, and those arriving here (meaning States)?
Here in the United States, laws are much harsh, and regard anyone, not attenuating accepted, if you segregate a daughter, or strictly punish her for any reason you go strait to jail "end of discussions".
If then you kill the daughter, risks here a truly large "life in jail or worst death penalty".
No excuses accepted, or analysis are due, if you are just arrived here by airplane or native, or if you are of Christian faith or Muslim that doesn't make any difference, follow the rules or you pay the consequences.
Not sharia's laws or honor's laws, are applied from the Muslims of here', and they not wait generations in order to integrate themselves.
Here a Pakistan, an Indian or a person of whichever other nation as soon as arrived, understands at once the rules of the game and consequently adapt himself.
Why doesn't the same has to apply in Europe?

If you want to know more in what I think about it, take a glance at this side: >>> http://mywindowintheworld.blogspot.com/
I point out it's all in English.

Cya. 8)
user verified swampthing wrote:
1 December 2007 ore 21:42


even in Italy we have laws and Hina's father has been condemned to a 30 years penitentiary as I remember.

in America, in spite of the capital punishment, horrible things happening anyway.
think at the last infanticide, the Baby Grace case.

I don't believe that the States has anything to teach to Italy or to the whole Europe.
Red wrote:
1 December 2007 ore 23:17

My comment wasn't referring more on the specific case, nor even if in Italy were happening more or less homicide cases than in America, or if the capital punishment has any effects, as deterrent in it's actualization.
Nothing is perfect even here, we already know that.
My comment was based on how the immigrants adapt themselves to the American culture and mentality, through a strengthening/imposition of laws.
Before an immigrant makes a criminal action based on his own "background" he thinks it twice, even for cases such as “families honor”.
Take a look at the statistics, in Europe with immigrants and all the things happening there, maybe, because it wasn't prepared, and therefore wasn't adequate enough to the new emerging situation in time.
All these new immigrants whose arriving in big masses, are creating a situation which was never seen before, and like I said before they won't adequate at once to the new reality.
Here in America there are little expectations, or adequate yourself to the new laws and mentality or you are enforced to leave.
Immigrants obey to the laws, if a father/mother doesn't send to school a daughter/son they get in troubles, if a young person that goes to school has livid in his/her face the police intervenes at once, and in the majority of the cases at the first offense, the offender are deported.

I repeat doesn't import from what religion you are, or what nation you come from, here laws are respected by everybody, culture and mentality afterward are promptly assimilated, not because they like them and accept them willingly, but since the law is imposed on them, in this way their own cultural luggages are left behind in their native countries.
That's so true that sometime I think the United States more than a democracy is in reality a dictatorship, but in the other hand with all these “mix of cultures”, it has very little choices, since it would be in a total chaos, each of us because of a different ethnic background could decide to isolate himself from the rest of the community and carry out his own personal baggage of medieval cultures.
If a father can force his own will on a daughter because his own religion/tradition beliefs, till the point of killing her, why the state can not do the same, by imposing it's own rules, if an immigrant wants to live in Europe, must accepts the common ways of standard living and thinking of the accommodating country.


Cya. 8)
marchwind wrote:
2 December 2007 ore 08:46
Interesting analysis.
Undoubtedly in the States everything and more happens but there is a major integration.
I believe in Italy the laws are in place and are FOR EVERYONE to be respected, without making any exceptions/justifications because some of them come from a culture with other customs ect..ect..in the other hand I don't believe to punish "in an exemplary way" the immigrants.
Are needed equal punishments for equal crimes and a fast justice, real and, in fact, just.


I conclude here with these words "extracted from: http://www.stophonourkillings.com":

I believe that in the States it is easier to assimilate than in European countries.
In most European countries where immigrants tend to be more grouped together it is much easier to keep aspects of your old culture alive and accepted.

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