Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Women in the muslim world -[Chapter III] Dressing Code.


Today in many European countries, Muslim women wearing head scarves and veils has become a subject of great controversies and debates.
Muslim women wear head scarves for traditional reasons.
For some of them may be a desire to assert their identity as Muslims, but for some others, its just an imposition from their families.
It should be noted, before I move on with the subject, that not all Muslim women wear head scarves, some wear both head covering and veil, others wear merely simple head scarves.
The Burqa and Chador cover the woman from head to toe, and are worn in some Muslim countries.

Sharia law and mediaeval customs, are becoming increasingly common in the heart of Christian Europe.
Nations like France, England, Germany, Italy, Greece, and many more, are trying to find a middle ground in accommodating these new facets, of a new and multicultural societies.
Allowing wearing head scarves, and in the same time banning religious symbols from school rooms.
Such case happened in Bavaria where a Constitutional Court decided that the state law, of banning Muslim women from wearing headscarves when teaching was not unconstitutional, but in the same time banning any religion symbols even Christian ones, such as the Christian cross from school classes.
In Italy happened the same controversy where the state, allowed young girls to wear head scarves and try to remove the christian cross from every school, but was enforced to step back, from the last decision of removing crosses from schools after, an upper roar of the Italian population.

Now, I'm in favor for the Muslim women, to wear head scarves, and only if they decide freely to do so, and not been dictated or conditioned by prejudices and moralities, or imposed by sharia dressing codes,
and in the same time I want to point out one thing that, " I have an objection to v
eils and chadors, the reasons are promptly explainable: you never know, who is behind a totally covered face, even a criminal could hide behind it".
But, don't r
emove those Christian symbols from schools, because they don't represent just religious meanings, but also symbols of national identities,and unities.
Symbols of our past, where we came from, and who we are!
May be mine, is a one sided view because I'm Christian, and European (even though I've been living in the States for over two decades), but if you choose to remove those symbols, as I said, you are removing in the same time a part of my own identity.

Today, thanks to a continues flow of emigrants in Europe, which a big part come from Muslim countries, taking with them a burden of ancient costumes and beliefs, colliding in a new reality, with the European ways of standard living, convening afterward, anti-Muslim sentiments toward these communities.
These new communities, don't seek integration within the social tissues of the new accommodating country, but at the contrary they, are isolating themselves within their own communities, and in the same time applying rigid traditions and laws.
Those same laws (sharia-laws) already deeply intrinsic in their own countries of origins.

I conclude here saying:

These growing numbers of unintegrated Muslims, unchecked will in the end if European States, won't enforce them to embracing a more open and free society, in the end as I said, European Western civilizations will suffer, and be the ultimate victims of these retrograded mentalities, and ultimately, won't help either Muslim women get rid of those bounds, which keep them till these days, entrapped in a men's world of segregation, submission, and discrimination.

The end.

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