Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Life on planet earth was born by causalities, not by some godly will.



If you are looking for a fun blog, this isn't the place you are looking for, but if you are looking for some enlightenment "maybe", you will find some in here.
This article, is a my personal deep introspective, in the human condition of achievements and, hopes.


We all, born and die in t
his world by chances, not by a high will.
I don't believe, there's a path already laid in front of us, but only casual events, which determine our fates.
"Today unfortunately I am in a negative mood, probably after looking for some God answers to my prayers.
I'm a catholic only by name, but in reality I didn't choose to be it.
I came to realize that, whatever I do, the world won't stop to move forward in its destructive path."


Humanity, primordial birth sprang from mother earth generosity and, afterward by co-occurrences, we were elevated to intelligent identities.
But do we, deserve this gift from mother earth?
Some time I think, we don't!
What use we mak
e of our intellects, sometime is really questionable.
Looking in our ancient history, I can say that we made of our intellects, a really bad use!
Our ancestors were apes, and like all the living beings from this planet, we were indeed rooted with animal instincts.
Only with time, and only by accidents, we succeed finally to get toward, a higher status as unique species, differentiating ourselves, from all the rest of living beings of this world.
We in fact, became thinking beings!

We are weak in our minds, we are doubtfully of our decisions, we pray for forgiveness for our own sins.
why we are always, looking for comfort and support to our doubts and, weaknesses, in a perennial need of guidances, and reassurances from something that isn't there.
We are not unique in God's eyes, because isn't there any God looking upon us.
We can evolve from this stage only if, we accept who or what we really are!

(My mind is in a complex, and sometime confusedness state, due to the fact that it, is looking for answers.
Answers I won't get from anyone, except from within myself.
This is only a phase of my personal life, I hope, I'll get through this like other times, may be with...God help?
Now I've been controversial!
Indeed I am, but only because I'm human, and as all the rest of humanity I'm weak, and prone to mistakes, and therefore looking for assurances to my doubts, but in the same time I know, I can count only on my intellect to overcome this stage.)

As humanity in its superior intellect may one day, realize that needs to take care for the world in its entirety, including all the living beings on it, because it is the only one we have and than, only than, when we will realize all this, we may one day achieve to another stage of human evolution, we will elevate ourselves close to God.

We'll be more God like because, we finally will manage our fates "our existences are only in our hands".

All this can be debatable, but irrefutably is a necessity to talk about it.
Undoubtedly, we are guided and m
otivated by contort and,
selfishness concerns, rather than selfless intents.
Intellect can be a be a distinctive factor on human consciousness, in determine our destiny.
In fact, humanity depends on its own intellect to survive and, move forward for a
better and, brighter future.
Also, when we'll le
arn to really tolerate and, take care of our less fortunate, our environment, and of all the living beings on it, than we will move closer to a high achievement.
We will become all together, an all new species.
We'll become a highly elevated beings, ready to move forward in our evolution.

What complex, and dark thoughts I got today.
Tomorrow "hopefully", will be a better day...

As final thought, an article that I found interesting, and that I recommend to read in its entirety:


The Individual.

Before I go into the final outlines of Informationalism, I thought it would be best to write something solely concerning the individual. One must not forget what has been said earlier, that you cannot separate the good of the individual from the good of the species, they are one and the same.

You, can read more at this link.

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Anonymous said...

wow....well i can understand what ur trying to say...we all have our dark days and waiting for answer we wont get....just have to wait and answer our own questions.....but i learn alot from reading your blogs...i like rading your point of views its just another point of view on the world were living on and its not wrong its ur blog ur just expressing ur own thought...keep up the good work...

Red.eVolution said...

Thank for your comment, finally I got some time to write a response.
As you said it's just my point of view, sprang from a real bad day
I hope, I hadn't be too depressing.
Now fortunately it's gone.

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