Wednesday, December 12, 2007

9/11-The day the world realizes that the unimaginable was happening! (last part)


Brooklyn-September 11,10:30 a.m.

Now, I grabbed the phone trying to reach any of my brothers, but I couldn't reach them, I tried to contact any of my friends, but I couldn't either. I than decided to get out, looking for my car, when I saw my mother approaching me.

She asked me if, I knew of what was going on in New York, I told her that I watched the news, and I knew something about it. While I was speaking to her, I could see in her eyes, she was deeply worried, I was too, but I was carefully not to show any of my own worries to her.
I told her, I was getting in the car to get in New York, when my
cellphone ringed. Was my sister from Italy "they new from the TV news spreading already around the world", asking for my mother, I passed my cellphone to her, while noticing that slowly, one by one a small crowd was gathering around us, they were family members, and friends, who got the bad news from different sources.

At some point, I remember
paying attention to one of my young nephew, who was telling us, that while he was in school his teacher together with the class, had opened the windows and looked at the sky, after noticing smoke billowing up into the sky from Manhattan. Instinctively, I looked up at the sky at the far north I could indeed see smoke, in the reflective light I could even see very t
iny things flying in the smoke. Now, I noticed my mother talking in the cellphone to one of my brothers wife, my mother was asking her for informations if, she knew anything about her husband, her answer was she couldn't contact him.

Brooklyn-September 11,11:45 a.m.

While all these was happening, I noticed
a figure approaching us, was one of my br
others. As soon as we saw him, we approached and surrounded him, while in the same time starting questioning him. The only answers he gave us were, that he had left Manhattan after seen what was going on, and that he tried to contact the other two brothers, and left believing that they by now were safe in Brooklyn. Now, he was regretting his decision while looking at my mother face, he knew that he made a mistake. He decided to go back with me, fortunately when we were on the point to leave, my mother received another call from my cellphone this time was one of my other brothers, "Eric" who was still in New York. At that time, he was working close to where the other brother "Mike" was working at the World Trade Center, and could contact him by phone.
This brother "the one whose was working
in the World Trade Center buildings number 7", lived in Staten Island, and to get to work he went by ferryboat.

At 8:30 a.m. he arrived from Staten Island
by ferryboat, and he was walking through Manhattan to get to work, when he saw the first airplane hitting the first tower, and than he witnessed all the rest.
That day three of his colleagues died, because they got to work much earlier. A cousin of mine "Michael," who was already working in his firm inside tower number one at 37th floor, he could escape with all his colleagues as soon the first plane crashed in the tower. A couple of my acquaintances also died that day."

Brooklyn-September 11,02:15 p.m.

My two brothers, could get back in Brooklyn after a couple hours.


Only in the following days the two brothers which saw all of what happened that day, even though they were reluctant in the beginning, slowly they started to tell us all the horror they saw, and how they felt that tragic morning. Even though, I had no fatalities in my family from that tragedy, I realized that moment could easily been one of them, or even myself, and was all a matter of luck if we were all safe now.

Still these todays, I think of all those people who died in that fateful day, who had no chances to see their families, eve
r again. I wonder if anything could had been done to avoid all those deaths, I feel an angry sore, thinking that I live in a big country such as the United States, and whoever was in charge at that time in preventing such, tragedy could not. May be it was unforeseeable, may be. I am so enraged to those @#%&# which perpetrated this unimaginable crime till these days, and even though I don't believe personally in capital punishments in this case, I would approve it without thinking twice. Even better if, I could had them on my hands, I would make them suffer by torturing, and in the end very slowly kill them.

I hope, God would forgive me, for these terrible thoughts, but I can't I can't refrain myself from formulating t
hem in my mind. I'm angry when I think, how those people died, I can't even imagine. They went to work one day, a day like any others, while leaving their families not knowing, that........ that day was their last one. This painful thought still lingers in my mind. I remember the movie "World Trade Center" starring Nicolas Cage, which gave me an inside of what kind of horror, and sufferings of those poor souls had to deal with, before dying. While watching the movie I had tears in my eyes, that's something I ever rarely done in other dramatic events in my entire life.

A crime committed in the name of a God,

or a crime committed in the name of an ideal,
or by any other crime committed against humanity,
it's unforgivable!!!

May God, be merciful on all 9/11/ victim souls...

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Anonymous said...

very good story, keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

yea that day was sad and upsetting for all of us...i like the story well not so much 4 a story but ur life story i guess i like the blog would sound better....keep up the good work.....

Red.eVolution said...

Thank your for the comments, finally I got some time to write a response.
Been very busy lately , between family, work, and now blogging I have not much time left in my hands.

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