Sunday, January 6, 2008

Battles for the civilization.-"Euthanasia."


Euthanasia another moral dilemmas.

What are Catholic perspectives on euthanasia.
I'm catholic, and the Catholic church speaks against "euthanasia as a violation of the sanctity of life".

It's easy to say life is sacred, but when we get personally involved in this human tragedy, or what if the one to suffer in a reversal of role would be the ones who denies a peacefully dismissal from the earthly sufferings to a terminal ill patient, we still be able to say life is sacred!
If we the deniers, are willing to be tortured day by day, and afterward still keep our convictions that life is sacred, than we can decide for a denial to those requests.

The right to a decent life means also, a quality life.

There isn't any quality of life in a terminally ill patient.
Who are we, to denied a terminally ill person, his request for a peacefully dismissals from t
his world.
The right of a "dignifying death" rather than, a prolonged life of suffering from unbearable chronic pains w
hile, trying to extend his life, through an "aggressive medical treatments" in my humble opinion, it's not a life to live.
In Truth, we are only prolonging his suffering, and I don't see any real compassion in doing that.
I believe no one has the rights to deny someone will to die when, he has no hope to survive his illness.
We'll be guilty as tortures with their victims, whil
e keeping him hooked on support machines in a precarious way of living, that's a sin.
I don't see a
ny civilization in all this, and I firmly believe even God won't accept it.
In the end, I a
m for proposals to legalize euthanasia for patients who are suffering unbearably with no prospect of improvement.
Of course d
ifferent organizations should keep a monitoring eye in the process, to prevent abuses of the system if, this will ever happened.


Dutch legalise euthanasia

THE HAGUE, Netherlands -- Euthanasia, which has been tolerated in the Netherlands for decades and carried out thousands of times each year, was legalised by the Dutch parliament on Tuesday in an historic move.

If you want to know more, about the above article click this link: http://edition.cnn.com

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