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Battles for the civilization.-"Death penalty."



Death penalty, euthanasia, abortion, three really tough topics.
Many years ago, I had a very different view about these topics, because of my faith.
I thought, life was a gift to be preserved by any unnatural death, even in spite of big sufferings.
Today, my thoughts in these topics are much changed, my moral dilemmas had taken new approaches on these matters.


The European Union, has presented a resolution to the United Nation for a Moratorium on the Death Penalty, it's an Italian proposal supported by several countries for the capital punishment.
This Moratorium, is a d
ifferent solution than a total abolition but, permitting a temporary suspension of it.
The scope of this resolution is, to “progressively restrict the use of the death penalty and, reduce the
number of offences for which, it may be imposed.
Their goal of course is, a total worldwide ban on the practise in the near future.
Nations like the U.S., the China, and Iran which are still practicing it, will not be forced by international law to stop carrying out executions any time soon but, from now on they will only be under a strong "moral" magnifying glass.

Execution isn't a solution?

Many believe that, the right course of justice, isn't death punishment for the perpetrators but, a lifetime in jail it is.
Maybe, capital punishments don't deter these kind of crimes maybe, a quick death isn't enough but, lifetime in jail it's a tou
gher punishment than death itself, for my part this solution doesn't reflect my convictions.

After watching movies like the "Green miles", I was in the opinion that death penalty was an inhuman punishment, even for those involved in mass murders.
After 9/11, my certainties were swept away by the horror caused from those terrorists, for the total disregard of innocent human lives.
My conscience, had rebelled right than, fr
om any hindrance towards those awaiting for an execution in the death chambers, any pity had vanished for those murderers which, didn't show themselves pity toward their own victims.
After all my anger had subsided, my mind was and, still it's in a limbo regarding this matter.
Am i a pro or, an anti-executioner?
What is right!
I am torn by this matter, who am I to decide who should die!
I know, my arguments are too reductive, I'm not an expert in the subject, my are just personal views in the matter, nothing more.

I can fill up the rest of this article with data but still, it won't be enough.
Many experts in this field, had already debated it countless t
imes and, came out without a definitive answer.

The Ultimate Punishment.

The Ultimate Punishment, should be applied more swiftly and, only on those crimes known as capital crimes or capital offenses, or on those war crimes against humanity, where there isn't any doubt whatsoever of guiltiness.
I can point out in favor of a murderer, waiting in jail for his execution to be carried out that, the convicted can spent months or, even years before reaching a conclusion, any conclusion, been death or, life sentence in jail, due to course and recourse from the justice system.
Many times, the murderer gets to the death chamber, ready to be executed, and in the last moment hes execution been postponed for a justice recourse.
The condemned was already prepar
ed to die but, at the last moment has been giving to him another opportunity to live one more day, meaning more months or, years of agonizing waiting for the death row execution once again.
It's like a nightmare for the condemned, without an end in sight.
And what about, those been executed innocently!
Because, I believe there isn't any right answer for all these queries, I decided for now to stand aside.

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Please note: these pictures are not suited for young people.

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